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We purchased new siding and windows for our home from Menards, Inc. The salesperson helped us determine the amount of siding we would need.

When we were finished we had over two boxes too much. We decided to keep one box for a small shed and would return the other box. Menards charged a re-stocking fee, even though the siding was a stock item. Their store manager won't give me any contact information at their corporate office, and the BBB got nowwhere.

Even photos of their in-store "in stock" sign did me no good.

I have to agree, Menards sucks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Did you purchase and return it from the same store? If a store does not stock the item on there shelves they will charge you a restock fee. Not all the menards stock the same products.


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you purchased product that was not on the shelf at that store. thats why there was a restocking fee.

that store ordered that product. from a warehouse, the product was not on the shelve.

next time ask if its kept on the shelve. you can order that product and return that at no cost to you.


When you purchase stock items, Menards will re-order to keep their stock up. When you return items after they have re-stocked, then they are over-stocked, and obviously paying interest on the money that the stock costs them.

If it special order materials, many times it is difficult to sell in the small "left-over" quantities that are returned. Menards would have to sell them at cost or lower, just to get them out the door and make space for other items that do sell.

Again, they very well should charge...even though it doesn't make the customer happy. By implementing these charges, it keeps their overall prices a bit lower.


Menards is a good outlet for companies that don't want to just throw all their Quality Control rejects in the dumpster. Their products are hideous. Their Vinyl siding is thinner than what a quality lumber yard would sell your. Get your micrometer out and find out for yourself. Install their siding and stand 100 feet away, the thin *** droops...

Their fine Tuscany Brass line of faucets.... Another factory reject, after about a year both that I purchased sprung a leak in the supply line threads. Why does Menards have them on their shelves? Because the manufacturer didn't want to stand behind them because QA measured the threads too deep... there went a $300 vanity cabinet.

Service.. Pffft. Lack of experience and actual knowledge of the product is their biggest problem. I found out more by reading their flyer than their "plumbing specialist" could tell me. I ended up making 3 trips with my pickup and trailer to get my tin roofing order. Why.. Cause they ordered white trim for a brown roof, and the last time they forgot 2 pieces. I drove 75 miles each way three times to save 10%.. Real smart I am!!

Special Order is the only way to get a quality product out of their door, and then compare the price....


Look in the upper right hand corner of your invoice. Does it start with a 3009**** or is the # only 5 digits long? Starting with 3009 means special order in most cases.


was the siding in stock at the store you were returning it to? and did you purchase the siding as a special order? it's usually not too complicated if you stick with the same store and know if they had it in stock or not.