Middle Amana, Iowa
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Went in to use a Lowe's 10% coupon to purchase a hose hideaway & ceiling fan. Was told that I wasn't allowed to use the coupon on sale items when I had previously used it on items on sale before have the receipt to prove it.

The manager Gus was rude and accused me of arguing when I was trying to have a discussion and find out when and why the policy changed and why consumers aren't notified. He was in my face and rude and completely inappropriate. I left without a purchase nor will I ever be returning. Have never had any customer service issues at Lowes and maybe I should have just used it at Lowes instead of trying to use it at Menards and give them some business.

I'll be sure to be giving my business elsewhere especially considering Menards prices and customer service are so poor and completely mismanaged. I told the manager I understood policies changes, but wanted to know where I can find out the policy and he said we don't have to post every single policy we have.

I said as a consumer how are we supposed to know the policy if it's not stated somewhere where we can read and have full disclosure.

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plus you have to realize that 95% of menards income is off contractor sales. everyday there is probably more than $200,000 that go through the building materials desk and $180,000 is contractors.

1 guest won't make much difference. 300 might though


Obviously you haven't worked in retail and he is only going by the policy. Give the guy a break.


you're a big dummy for taking a lowe's coupon into menards anyways. just saying.

Dick Blazer

It says "not valid with sale items" on the coupon. Why are you even taking it to menards ?

Because they already offer you the lowest price and your trying to scam for even more money off.

That's why. Follow the rules or shut up.


I bet even with 10% off at lowes you would pay more than the sale price of the items at Menards. I bet you ended up going to a different Menards store and bought the stuff with your tail between your legs (and saving money).


it's a Lowes coupon... they don't have to take it at all.


Yeah, he's really raking up the violations, isn't he.


Don't you just love it how when someone tells them "no" these five year olds accuse them of being rude. The manager accusd you of arguing wiht him because you were.

I doubt you will be missed. I guess you were cranky because you did not have your afternoon nap and it was way past your bedtime.