Skokie, Illinois
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Worst customer service ever at Menards Morton Grv 6301 Oakton Street Morton Grove IL60053. My husband and son went to buy top soul.

My son who is 10 offer to help and had put one soil which cost 30 cent more. My husband put that one and told her the rest is $1.17 and I have 20 bags. Cashier Leinarda then asked him to bring another cart and reload all soul in case there is one which cost 30 cents more. He then did as I screamed asking him to stop.

He told me no I am not a layer or dishonest to still 30 cents from Menards I have been shopping here for 17 years and will do this now won't never spend another dollar at Menards again. Instead of her stopping and offering to scan all the soil she enjoyed and watched him finish teenage ring 20 heavy bags. When I asked to speak to Manager she was speechless telling me I don't know what happen. Lady who was in te line behinds us told me this was just unheard of and she won't never return to Menards herself a stranger I never seen in my life offer to go and complain with me.

Then I asked for a GM and he just listened. Will never shop at Menards for $6 you tough I try to still you lost thousands which I will never spend there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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Learn how to properly speak English you incompetent fool.


Your complaint is horribly written. From what I can understand is you almost accidentally got a 30cent discount on a bag of soil and to insure that did not happen again the cashier asked you to remove them and reload them 1 by 1 so she could correctly scan them to insure no more accidents happened.

I see nothing wrong with the request. Not only would you get a discount if things were not checked out correctly they also mess up the stores counts and create problems later on for other guest.

You sound very stoopid and extremely lazy. If you didn't know I spell it as stoopid because if I wrote *** this would happen.