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We had bought a new bathtub and walls for my new bathroom First problem was they told us oh yea it will fit inside your suburban then we pull around and it doesn't fit so had to pay someone else to come pick it up . Then we remodel the bathroom and put the tub set in and the walls would not fit properly so we had to go somewhere else to buy a different set of walls for the tub.

Then we go to return the walls back to manards and told them they did not fit that tub and they gave a store credit for $ 218 . Now that the bathroom is done we have nothing more to get at manards. Plus when they handed us the store credit. The general manager said oh well we have Competing prices On Our Food Section And Groceries.

Like just because we were bigger people then they were we needed to buy groceries.

And the cashier was very rude with here comments when we did buy something. We will go there again .

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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If the tub fit the walls should have fit as well. My guess is that when you returned the walls you didn't have your receipt.

If you had your receipt you would have received a refund in the form you paid for it. Without a receipt you only get a store credit for returns. I expect you complained about the store credit and said you didn't need anything else they sell.

Since they sell food and everyone buys food, they suggested that groceries were something you could use the credit for. Be happy they gave you store credit, they could have refused your return without a receipt.