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I work at the Menards in Cambridge, MN. And I can honestly say it is a terrible place to work.

The job itself is fine...but the management sucks. I'm a senior in high school and they're scheduling me 30 hours a week when I canwork fifteen. Andwen I request a day off, they never gave it to me, and always complain when I ask for a list of people who have that day off. And you're lucky if you get the breaks you're supposed to.

If I work a nine hour shift, I get one half hour break, and that's usually six or seven hours into it. The other day I worked 6:30-2 and I didn't get my break until 12:45. They always underschedule closers, so we don't get out until an hour and a half past close and that's if they don't make us go to other departments and 'face' aisles. A month ago I was beginning to feel very sick, so I asked my manager if I could go home early if it was slow enough.

(I was only scheduled until 9:30) and she said that'd be fine. Well seven o'clock comes around and she makes me take a ten instead of a lunch, because that way (and I quote), 'By law I have to be sent home before 9:30. So I do it..and while I'm waiting to be sent home, there's four people on returns and one of the cashier Is just standing behind service desk talking to her. You know what time I finally got to clock out at?

9:35. I'm seriously so sick of this place. No one gets breaks, and they're treated unfairly, not to mention the very strong favoritism. In the last week, five people have walked out and I don't blame them.

And when we're forced to be in the garden center in the winter..there isn't even a heater which isn't right. I've worked here for over a year now and I have started looking for other jobs because of how *** this place is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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Yeah talk to management or transfer to a different store.


Talk to the HR and GM about breaks. That's bad news.