La Crosse, Wisconsin
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The "experts" @ the building materials desk strike again! After being told it would take 2 weeks to get the minuscule amount of steel and the 9 trusses I needed to complete my project, 1 month later I finally got the call they were in. And when asked if I needed to order the bright white trim at the same time, I was told not once but literally countless times "oh, we have that color in stock" all to find out on the day of pickup that, in fact, bright white is a special order color. What gives?

You know, it's one thing to wait two weeks longer than what I was originally advised but it's another thing entirely to be lied to with regards to having the right color in stock. After several attempts to get any real answer from them, I was told that I should have asked more questions on the front end. And the rub is I specifically pointed out the bright white color when I ordered the roof fact circled it and was told "we have that in stock".

I am sick of the run-around, lies, and so-called experts giving out blatantly false information. I thought things were finally turning around for them... I guess not. Good job Menards, another unhappy and dissatisfied customer! I'll make sure to tell everyone of my wonderful experience!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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i work at a menards. they dont call you.

ever. call them after two weeks, or around the arrival date it says on your ticket, and ask them and they will gladly look it up for you.


They don't stock brite white... just regular white... for future reference