Rancho Cucamonga, California
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what a stove at menards that turned out to be a believe bate and switch.it was a floor model. And was fine when I was in the store it looked like it was in perfect condition.

Condition they delivered it dropped it off and my husband hooked it up. The stove did not work. The burners worked the oven did not. many times talk to the store manager Keenan newby.

talk to Katie at the store talk to Kathy bawlds. had a repairman out from Whirlpool who said the store was all rusty. Took many pictures. Try to have help us.

Long story short they did nothing but order new parts. I believe they should have given us a brand new stove it was not rusty. The repairman took many pictures of the stove inside and out. The racks for rusty inside of the drawer was rusty and the components were very rusty.they said all they would do is to send new parts also the knobs on the stove or broken.

It took four months to get parts. Then this stove with finally on sale. I feel I should get a new stove. Service has been terrible.

Terrible. we did not buy a rusty stove at the store.. But they deliver it a rusty to home.

Back and forth May 31st until today August 27th. Really bad bad bad bad customer no service.

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Meanrds does not have any stores In California; Matter of fact they don't have any stores even close to there. These are the states Menards has stores in; Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Kentucky.

Post is 100% bogus. Regardless I will add one more thing your issue is with Whirlpool not Menards.

Any defect in any product always goes back to the Manufacture.


Mr Sharknasty instead of focusing on irrelevant information and ramble on about that to justify poor service like menards employees are known for why do you consider Keenan Newby is indeed the store manager of the Batavia, Illinois Menards store which is the person this frustrated customer spoke to over and over and go no assistance whatsoever other the passing the buck back to the manufacture. Your right its the manufactures fault that menards stored the stove outside in the warehouse and was damaged by moisture and humidity over the time it was stored.

Then instead of giving the customer the genuine display model they bought the sales empoyees pulled the open box model from the yard for delivery. Even a "newby" can figure it out.

With you being a menards employee Mr Sharknasty you could have been considerate enough to look up if there was a Keenan Newby who manages one of your stores instead of making excuses as menards is known for. In any case Mr Sharknasty go back to chilling out on the display lawn furniture with the female co workers while your frustrated customers walk around aimlessly looking for products

@The menards employee who has t

This is the title of the complaint "Review about Stove from Rancho Cucamonga, California." So umm yeah try again troll. Also playing with some fine cashiers while getting paid who could complain....

You jealous bro? or ho3?



The stove was bought at the Batavia Illinois menards store which Keenan Newby "manages" Perhaps the distribution center for the stove was in Califorina or replacement parts shipped from there. With 95% of the stuff sold at menards being made in china does that mean Big box store customers are expected to attempt to communicate with the Chinese manufactures to correct defects instead of the store they bought the item at a hour prior?

Do not consider the Rancho Cucamonga location to be the get out of jail free card for menards store located in Batavia Illinois who sold the customer a defective lemon product which was not the same serial number as the display unit and instead swapped it with a product that was exposed to the elements in their outside yard for months. As far as your interest in "playing with some fine cashiers" superseding customers seeking assistance perhaps thats a direct cause of 70% of the frustrated customers who post on here.


@ Sharknasty needs to retire.

Menards does not have distribution centers in California. They are based out of Eau Claire, Wi and their distribution center is located there.

Perhaps the manufacture Whirlpool does, I have very little knowledge of that company. But I can do a quick fact check instead of posting assumptions on the internet like you do. Whirlpool is headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States, near Benton Harbor, Michigan. I highly doubt they have a distribution center in California.

And even if they did it has nothing to do with this bogus complaint. Menards has nothing to do with replacing products IT ALWAYS GOES BACK TO THE MANUFACTURE. They are the one who make them, knows the most about the product and finally warranties the product. Menards doesn't lose money on faulty products the MANUFACTURE ALWAYS PAYS MENARDS BACK unless their agreement states otherwise which is very very rare in BIG BOX STORES.

The manufacture is liable to correct the issue. It doesn't matter if Menards takes it back and gives you a new one, the MANUFACTURE WILL BE PAYING FOR IT. Unless the Manufacture tells Menards they can't take it back, which it sounds like is whats going on here.

Sometimes the manufactures tries to make the retailer look like the bad guy, it never turns out well for the manufacture. I highly suggest you work in a big box store for at least 1 year, you have a lot to learn about these places if your going to be shopping at them.


This post sounds a little bogus as Menards does not have stores in California. Kansas is as far South as they go and in the North they get to the Dakotas and Wyoning going west. They don't have a delivery service going to California from there.


If you purchased it discounted, it was likely sold as is. Manufacturer's warranties may or may not apply is such cases but is offset by the fact you were not charged the full retail on the unit.

Be aware, cosmetics such as rusting are not usually covered under warranty guidelines.

Only the functionality is covered. So the ultimate question, is the unit now functional?