Marquette, Michigan
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Why do huge Menard's company jets fly into Marquette several times a month.

And why does Menard's have a fleet of at least 9 airplanes - including several big jets.

The big jet that visits regularly is a beauty - 1998 Raytheon Beachcraft 1900D with 19 seats (Yes 19 seats)- Flight Tail Number N535M.

I noticed the swanky jet - one of several owned by Menard's - is constantly landing at Sawyer International Airport and always on the move flying to airports around the Midwest including Chippewa County in the U.P.

This has caused many rumors around the airport.

I can not believe that they are bringing 19 people into Marquette on each visit.

This seems like huge waste of money - and its one of at least three big jets and six other planes.

This fleet of jets/planes probably costs millions each year.

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I own a small business with 3 trucks, they are nice and comfortable. I have nice house and take nice vacations.

I also work many times 7 days a week and as much as 16 hr days. I charge my clients a fair price and make a good living. what I do with my money is not the business of the likes of you who probably works 40 hrs per week with paid vacation and health care paid by your employer. the same goes for menards, they charge a fair price with good service.

how they choose to run their company is not your concern. additionally, those private planes are not only cost effective, but also a great employee benefit to the managers who work a lot more hours than you can imagine...


Their business, and they spend their money how they want. Instead of complaining, why don't you make a ton of money and buy a jet for yourself as well.


Because they would rather spend money on that than providing acceptable wages and benefits to it's management staff.


Who really gives a **** what they do with their money? Get a life of your own and stay out of everyone else's.

This is an example of what's wrong with the world today people are more worried about what others are doing, focus on you own miserable life and don't worry about what the other person is doing it's none of your pathetic *** business. Grow up you ****** ***


i refuel all of menards planes i work at the airport that they are based at he has like 13 jets and they send out like 8 and sometimes 9


Ok someone didn't do a little research.. A flight search from Expedia shows that a round trip flight for 1 person from Eau Claire, to Marquette cost only $1,597.20 not including taxes.

The problem with commercial travel is that you can not return the same day as when you travel with Menard Air. So now Menards would have to not only spend the $1,597 in air fair for 1 Team Member but there needs to be a hotel room for another $75. Now this flight + hotel + payroll + car + per diem is costing a lot of money for 1 Team Member.

Take that and multiply it by 19 people and Menards is not saving big money at all.

I should point out that the commercial flight takes 5 hours and 5 minutes and this team member will have a 2 hour layover in Chicago before finally reaching their destination. Menard Air certainly would not take 5 hours to travel that distance.


Happy Consumer


Chippewa County in MN means they are probably hunting if their trips are in late summer and Fall. Pheasant, deer, and huge goose and duck wildlife management area.


The jets are used to transport employees that are headed for training seminars at Menards headquarters in Eau Claire Wisconsin yes they are really filled with 19 people or however many seats each plan has


The fleet of jets is used for much more than flying people to training seminars. Meandrous has over 280 stores and it is more economical to fly corporate staff on a private jet than driving or commercial aircraft.

A plane may leave Eau Claire drop 4-6 people in Fargo, head to Bismarck drop a few more then head for Sioux Falls and back to Eau Claire.

All at a fraction of the cost of trying to get them to all these cities in one morning. Lenard's isn't know for spending a penny for anything that can be done for less money.


Ok to clarify this plane question. The reason that Menards has this many planes is that they not only fly managers from every department in every store once a year to the General Office for training, (which is done because flying is quicker than driving when they are only there overnight) they also fly general office staff such as buyers, merchandisers, analysts, computer techs, etc to stores all over the Midwest for store checks, fixing problems etc on a weekly basis.

Not only do they fly these people, they also maintain a fleet in order to fly for other things such as racing events etc. It is easier, faster, and cheaper in the long run of things to have the planes and fly them vs commercial flying.


They're just visiting the two Upper Michigan stores; Marquette and Escanaba. They're not making a pit stop or using it as a HUB like some ignorant people below have posted.

There is not a single Menards Store to the North or East of Marquette, there is one other and that's 60 miles to the south.


Listen *** menards doesn't sent that jet to Marquette you *** self centered yooper weenie. Marquette is a small stop on its journey.

to other stores you ***. Why do you think that anything in that *** in the state of Michigan is so important ? P.

S. a b1900 is a prop plane plane ***


I know you will never see this, but that does not make any sense what so ever.

Menards is based out of Eau Clair, Wisconsin which is roughly 250 miles SOUTH WEST OF Marquette, Michigan.

So traveling from corporate office in Eau Clair to Marquette they would be heading North East. Now here is the kicker;There is not a single Menards store to the east or north of Marquette, Michigan. Using Marquette as a pit stop or transition point would be be down right STUPlD. The majority of Menards stores are WEST OF MICHIGAN AND TO THE SOUTH OF EAU CLAIR.

You're ignorantly implying that Marquette Michigan is on it's way to other Menard stores when in fact it this not the case at all. Marquette Michigan would be hundred of miles out of the way. There are no stores in Canada or New York.

Eau Clair is Northern Wisconsin the majority of Menard's stores are to the south of it.


Menards has stores in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky all which may have stops before or after Marquette. Besides stopping at store locations there may be people from their properties division flying to other cities in search of land to buy for new locations. You are ignorant in the way Menards operates and have no business posting about what the do with their fleet of aircraft.


At a company like menards time is litterally money. Yeah he pays tons of money to fly people around, but if he sent them on the airlines, they would have to sit in security for hours, then maybe have to catch a connecting flight, and it would take them forever to get there.

It makes no sense to have your big bad business executive whos making half a mil stand around in an airport or drive 5 hours (Eau Claire to the UP) Also the only reason he has 19 seat airplanes is because 19 passengers is the maximum a commercial pilot can carry before he is required to get an Airline transport certificate.

John Menard employs multiple pilots, and this is a great support to the Aviation industry. Times are tough for everyone man, but I would be doing the same thing if I was him.


You literally have no idea what you are talking about. As someone who's father works at the corporate office and has to fly around the midwest every week, I think I would know more than you when it comes to how things work.

The planes fly out of the Chippewa Valley Airport in Eau Claire. The plane starts out full, and stops in different cities to drop off corporated employees so they can drive to the Menards store in that area and do their job. The planes then fly back to Eau Claire when they have dropped everyone off. To pick people up, the planes fly to the different airports to get them and take them back to EC.

Menards isn't committing a crime by having a fleet of planes- they need so many because not everyone goes to the same places. A plane may fly out towards Indiana, while another flies south to Iowa. One plane can't do it all. Besides, corporate doesn't want the company cars driving all over the Midwest, spending more money on gas and other things when flying is a lot easier.

Oh, and employees would have to leave way earlier than when they do if they drive. Get your information correct before making comments and assumptions about Menards.


Menards has company jets because people from the corporate offices have to fly around the country to get to different stores, because driving the company cars only works if the location is close to Eau Claire, where the corporate office is located. And they have a fleet because not everyone from the corporate offices fly to one location - they fly to many different stores across the midwest, and one plane cannot fly everyone to where they need to be. Too bad that you have a problem with it, but if you worked at the corporate office, you would understand.


Okay, Menards is a privately owned company so technically they can do pretty much anything they want, so long as it is within regulation. Having an airplane fleet is not illegal.

You say they should have lower prices? Have you ever cross-compared their materials with Lowes or Home Depot? Their prices are already much lower on over 72% of items in their store. If they weren't they would go out of business. They

To answer why they have airplanes, the company has a very tight hierarchical executive system. Those who work for the corporate office are often required to travel to inspect new areas for stores or inspect existing stores. Since Menards is constantly expanding, it is cost effective to use their own private planes as opposed to taking the even more expensive (and TIME CONSUMING) public air travel. Furthermore, the reason they can seat 19 people is so Menards can transport its store managers in large groups to and from managerial training and conferences.

Furthermore, if you don't like the store, you don't have to buy from them.


oh where do you get all your valuable info---i get mine first me,menards does not FLY all the dept mgrs. from marquette anywhere--period

you are very misinformed pal


As a department manager, I can tell you I've been on those jets more than once. They are used to fly all levels of employees for any number of business reasons.