Madison, Wisconsin

Beware!!! On previously purchased merchandise that you want new sale price on, return product, and repurchase it .

Do not let them, "price adjust", It.

Their price adjustment policy gives you store credit, period. It will not be "adjusted," to the way you purchased it.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Your lucky they price adjust at all.Hello


Lucky you get anything after the fact lmao. If it was my company you'd be *** outta luck.


You people complain and complain. Dont go there then..

People bring back so much stuff it is not even funny. WHY do you buy it. All the stuff that is brought back in returns is pathetic.

Its always..I spend so much money at this gets old. Then go elsewhere and get a life.


They could have no price adjustment policy at all. All you have to do is bring in the receipt and they will give you an in store credit for the price difference.

No need to bring in the product, return it and get a new one and get in line to re-buy it. Most people have no problem using the credit.


Cash is king. In store credit is never preferred over cash. It's worth 10 minutes f@rting around with the stores games to get the price adjustment in green

@Mister Customer

Getting the sale price on an item you purchased when it wasn't on sale is great! Too bad the consumer is wahhhhhhh. Menard's owns the market.


Again cash is always king. My landlord and utility companies no longer accept menards credit as a form of payment. A smart and informed consumer never gets ripped off.

@Mister Customer

It's not like you can't find anything to buy with the store credit. Aren't many people that don't buy food, toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, trash bags....and the list goes on.

Seems like you go to a lot of effort to get cash that you will spend on things you could get with the store credit you would have received without the hassle. Guess some people have more time than common sense.

@Mister Customer

And they can also refuse your return if they catch on too so I'd be careful with that.