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Bought what you call a 70lb tube of sand yesterday at Menards, and it was only 70 lbs. of dust in a tube with a few scattered grains of actual sand.

A few years ago you actually sold real sand in a long tube. Real sand! Now it is not a long tube of sand but a long bag of dust. It blows away before it even hits the ice because it does not contain sand!

Only very fine dust!

What a scam.

Menards must be bagging this dust for nothing and selling for 100% profit.

Blown away in the wind. Dissatisfied customer again.

User's recommendation: Don't buy sand at Menards. It is dust!

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 504 Iowa Avenue West, Marshalltown, IA 50158

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The sand is supposed to stay in the bag and go in the back of a vehicle for weight, so you can drive safely in icy conditions. This is because cars and trucks are mostly rear wheel drive, and all the weight is in the engine at the front end.

This causes the back ends to slide in icy conditions, unless weighted down. It is not supposed to be taken out of the bag. It’s still sand, it’s just not play sand, multi-purpose sand, sand blasting sand, or mason sand.

Did you think you were supposed to take the sand out of the bag and drive on it? This seems like it’s on you, for not knowing how a product works.


Wow. did you have to research that?

I've been aware of that for over 50 years myself. One of the uses it says on the tube I bought at Menards (besides using for weight) - "spread around on ice to prevent slipping". What I am saying is that Menards is now selling a much lower grade of sand in their tubes. It's basically just dust.

Previously they had much better sand in the tubes.

Since then, I bought a tube elsewhere and it had real sand in it that does not blow away in the wind. Perfect for both weight and on putting on my icy sidewalk.

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