Standish, Michigan
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well went bought ceiling fan, fan didnt tell any where what kind of special small bulbs it took like the one on display, so went back to store because it didnt come with bulbs like i thought and went up to service desk twice and asked for help , waited 20 mins no help so i got so pissed i climb up there selfs took down the bulb from display model and went over and found it myself, no one even noticed me climbing the shelfs, afterwards i went and to service desk handed them there bulb explained what happened and what i did and told them maybe your help can put the bulb back now , of course she was all concerned now about what fan it came from , dont worry about the customer though, but the help sure had time to sit and converse still

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seriously, if they were electrictions would they work there


Oh, that's just crazy China man talk.


Yeah, it's complicated.


This is about 35% of the people that shop in a retail store. This is why so many different stores get a bad name.


LOOK for someone. They're not standing at the desk, they're in the department WORKING.

The service desk employees are there for security reasons and can't leave. I'm also very willing to bet that the box said bulbs are not included.

Also, learn punctuation, specifically the period. It can be your friend.


You really are an ***. Nice grammar too. It reflects your stupidity.


Don't ever ask someone at the service desk for help finding someone/something. If there is an employee behind the returns/service desk, it's because that's where they are assigned to be for the duration of their shift, and they aren't allowed to leave.

So unless they know exactly which fan you're talking about, what kind of bulb it needs, and EXACTLY where to find it (unlikely, considering the people that work the service desk only ever work there or at the registers, not to mention the size of the store and the number of things in it), they're going to use their radio to try to get a hold of someone from the department to try and assist you. That is really the extent of their ability to help (they can't leave and find the item for you, and they can't physically search for someone to help you, so if getting someone on the radio fails, that's game over for the service desk person). You are so much better off finding someone who works in the electrical department yourself. They work in there every day, and it is their job to be knowledgeable about the products in their department.

And guess what! They aren't allowed to leave their department, just like service desk people can't leave the desk, so if you didn't find an "electrical" employee, you weren't looking. They're there, god forbid you should actually have to find them. Also, don't be surprised if they weren't worried about YOU after you just told them you climbed their shelves and stole a bulb from a display ceiling fan.

Not only are you dismantling a display and stealing bulbs, but you're putting yourself, and thus the company at HUGE risk.

That's a law suit & an insurance fiasco just WAITING to happen. Chances are, the service desk person was p*ssed and trying to resist the urge to scream at you for being an entitled, impatient, self-important ***


Dude, your god *** ***, maybe next time you should LOOK for someone. LOOK is when you go to someone and find someone who works in that department, or find someone who can find you that person, if they didnt maybe you should do something other than scratch your *** and look for that person.

I swear to god people need to have at least 4 years of customer service to live in this country. WAKE UP ***


Do you really expect us to believe you waited for twenty minutes, one third of an hour, for someone?

Then, regardlesss of how long you wait you think the best answer is to climb on top of shleves to pull a light bulb? In that time don't you think you could have been helping yourself and looking for the bulb instead of asking someone who is supposed to scan items and take money about a product?

Pretty intelligent you must me...


Jesseyman, Jesseyman, Jessyman What a poor lost individual you are. And what a large world it is.

You will sink for certain.

I'm sure if you looked properly, it told you all about the bulbs.

HOWEVER, if you read and speak like you write and spell, I'm amazed you found the store at all. Quit whining about other people and start taking ownership in your own inadequacies...