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My refrigerator broke, middle of the summer in Iowa. Needing to save my food, i went to Menards in Ankeny Iowa and purchased a new Whirlpool side by side.

While there, also purchased a matching dish washer. With in 2 weeks, the food in the fridge was warm and we had to throw it away. I called Menards-the were uninterested in my problem and told me to deal directly with Whirlpool. I contacted Whirlpool, it took them a week to get a tech out to look at the fridge.

That was yesterday, the tech did something, left and said it was fine. Today i am throwing away more food because it is warm. I went to Menards and politely asked it they would just give me another fridge to replace this one. They basically said "I" had to call Whirlpool and tell them to credit the store the price of a new fridge and they would replace it.

Have they ever heard of customer service. Menards has no problem taking your money, but when you have a issue with one of their products, go tell someone who cares. I made the manager on shift write me a letter documenting i was in the store within 30 days complaining of their product for the attorneys. I called Whirlpool again-it will take them another week to get to my house to look at this fridge.

I asked them how do i cool my food? The said it was my responsibility to keep it cold.

I recommend you don't buy any appliances at Menards unless you like being treated like this and have a lot of money to buy food and then throw it away.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Don't know I bought a side by side WHIRLPOOL fridge from Menards they had no issue taking care of problem for me. I got it home put out of the way in corner of house...

over two weeks later after finishing kitchen remod. job its now time to install the new fridge but there's a problem Power cord is cut in half-- gave them a call -- Manager simply said, No problem we will give you a replacement and that is exactly what they did.. they even delivered it and took the other back ..

Was great as I picked it up and moved with my son the first time.... No with this one to date.


Pretty sure they would they wouldn't tell you to have whirlpool credit Menard's the store price of a new fridge given the fact the way they get credited is if you bring the defected one in and they send it back to the vendor themselves. You can't just expect the retailer to exchange out everything that isn't their brand, that's where the maker should get involved especially on more pricier items such as that.


you're a retard Pilot96


i object, not being able, to get prices from menards, for comparison. with the price of fuel, don't want to drive all over des m.

to compare prices for like item(s).

because of this blunder, i spent $400+ at Lowes. their prices were on the internet!!!!


One little problem with this statement....Menards is not the maker of the product..."but when you have an issue with one of their products...." If you would have bought a Menards product (Tool shop or Masterforce), you would have been given a new product. Whirlpool is NOT a Menards brand.

Your problem is with them....not Menards. My time do not buy a Whirlpool next time...your problem is with them.


The store over the counter exchange is 30days, after that it is all covered under the vendors warranty. They are in charge of there warranty, the same as if you had a problem with a new car. The dealer isnt just going to give you a brand new one of the lot.