Chicago, Illinois
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It has been an on going nightmare for more than a year.

The product was purchased from Menard's in Long Grove.

It was installed by professional installers both times and both times failed.

It has a "LifeTime Warranty" for residential use. Not so, it seems.

First time it failed (25% seam defects)we were able to get a product exchange but had to pay for removal and replacement labor.

We used a specific installer recommended by the manufacturer.

Second install failed worst than first install(>40% seam defects).

Second time it failed we have been ignored by both Menard's and Vinyl Lock.

We have extensive records.

Both installers are available for interviews and are candid in their comments.

Both worked extensively with Vinyl Lock personnel to insure correct installation.

We have a made a video of the ongoing product defect issue.

I have forwarded the link to the 27MB video to Menards and to Unikausa the manufactuer of the Vinyl Lock floor product.

It is available for anyone to view at:

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I wish I had see this before we installed. Scratches VERY easily and joints are not flush. Very hard to install.


There should be no reason to use secondary/tertiary adhesive methodsto get this to work is my view.

Eventually the manufacturer agreed to replace the material and we had it reinstalled by one of their recommended installers.

That also failed the same way, even worse than the first install.

We documented the install and results with photos and videos.

We had a serious negotiation and Menards was a GREAT assist in getting an agreement and our costs refunded.

Menards was business-like and promptly responsive.

The material is a great idea and we loved the way it looked but had a properties of material design issue and/or a quality control problems.

Satified with the way the manufacturer and Menards handled it, even if it took a while to work out.


I used double stick carpet tape when I installed this flooring in my bathroom. worked like a charm.


I tried all kinds of adhesives available to consumers an a few only available to medical people. Best thing to get these curly vinyl planks with not enough adhesive-and not too tacky/aggresive at that- was Power Grab by Loctite in the pressurized container.

Easy to put dots down and spread with a putty knife or a shim works really well too.

Since there will be mess this cleans with water easily. Needs a top load. I use gallon jugs of H2O or landscape stones.

Some will need to be done again. Make sure not to over apply adhesive- it just comes out the joints and makes for cleanup pains.



I have been trying to install the Designer's Image vinyl floating floor planks, and they are not working out as the sales person made them out to be so easy, and a great product, bull ***. The glue for these planks, are only around the outside edge, and not very sticky I might add.

I have laid 2 boxes and about 1/2 of them are not sticking down.

I have even weighted the planks that are down, with other heavy planks hoping that they will stick. The planks look great but the installation stinks, is there a glue I can use with these so I'm not out $300 and alot of time?


That sucks that you had a problem but I don't know how u had it down for a year, but the product hasn't even been out for a year. When vinyl lock first came out there was two different manufacturers and the one was making the product opposite from the other. Now you are able to use a pressure sensitive adhesive if the adhesive on the bottom trays fail, that should've fixed the problem.


He probably owes you money huh?