Chicago, Illinois
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It has been an on going nightmare for more than a year.

The product was purchased from Menard's in Long Grove.

It was installed by professional installers both times and both times failed.

It has a "LifeTime Warranty" for residential use. Not so, it seems.

First time it failed (25% seam defects)we were able to get a product exchange but had to pay for removal and replacement labor.

We used a specific installer recommended by the manufacturer.

Second install failed worst than first install(>40% seam defects).

Second time it failed we have been ignored by both Menard's and Vinyl Lock.

We have extensive records.

Both installers are available for interviews and are candid in their comments.

Both worked extensively with Vinyl Lock personnel to insure correct installation.

Install also extensively investigated by high end local contractor and internationally acclaimed head of Interior Design at a local institution.

We have a made a video of the ongoing product defect issue.

I have included the link to the 27MB video.

It is available at:

Is this something you would be interested in pursuing?

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I purchased 1000 square feet of rapid lock from menards. It started puckering in the seems.

Even foot prints from the shower room down the hallway to the bedroom. Holy *** batman this *** is junk. Now they came up with some new design with a wax seal over the locking parts. do you think.

I have oak trim throught the house now what do I do you son of a b--ches. you sale ***.


Hold it, hold it. What is this? Are you trying to trick me?