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I am Retired Army and 100% Disabled by the VA. I have trouble walking due to nerve pain in my legs.

I use a cane and working my way up to a walker with seat soon. Every big box store in the Champaign/Urbana Illinois area, Walmart, Lowes, H D, Sams Club, offer motorized assistance for disabled customers. MENARDS in Champaign Illinois does not. They offer 2 wheelchairs with baskets.

I have asked about motorized assistance several times and emailed Corporate. No response, store managers say they will inquire with corporate,right. This has been going on for several months. The last visit, I was misdirected from one end of the store to almost the other end.

I was unable to find any customer service help,most of the workers were up front with none in roaming around to help. I was not the only shopper pissed about lack of customer service. By this time I was experiencing major leg pain so I limped out and had loud words with a manager as I left.So, I will no longer shop there and in mean time,I'll contact the Office for ADA at the Fed level and see what they say.

I am not asking for sympathy, I don't want sympathy. I do want a way to shop independently in a large store without being caused pain, just like every other abled bodied shopper does when using a store supplied shopping cart.

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As for not needing a non-motorized chair, you ever try pushing yourself around a huge store in a regular wheelchair?

You people are brutal. You should be so lucky as to never be old and ailing. (Like that won't happen...)


Do you idiots understand what you are saying?

Firstly maybe he can't afford one.

Secondly maybe he would rather not put people out by having them haul his scooter into a truck to then drop him off/pick up wherever. He is a retired VET. Not some fat and lazy person.

A common courtesy would be to provide a motorized scooter like other box stores.

My husband had foot surgery and it is a hassle that you will not understand until it happens to you!

(It's odd that "justice" and "hello" posted on the same day too.)


there are enough old people in menards at one time without motorized scooters as it is. it would look a retirement home if we put those things in. YIKES!


why would john menard have to pay for motorized equipment for the growing population of senior citizens that would actually spend $ in his massive stores, when he has to pay for his race car going round and round in circles and not making him a dime


I thank you for your service to our country, but you must stop playing the victim. You stated you don't want pity but in actuallity it sounds like you want Menard's pity, by trying to force them to change their policy.

I believe Menards can afford to put a few motorized carts in the stores, but if they choose not to, well, perhaps you should choose not to but their goods. This is America, and for the time being we are free to choose.


Hmmm... I think the key word is "motorized".

Where did you get the idea that you needed a "motorized" chair.

Obviously if they comply to regulations then regulations must not state that "motorized" chairs are by any means a necessity. Hmmm...


I myself have a very bad back and upper buttocks. The only way we can get our own motorized vehicle is if we purchase our own.

I cannot afford. We cannot get one if we are not totally dependent on one.

We must not be able to walk at all in order to get one through Medicare paid in full. :cry


several weeks ago I was in Menards and when one of the employees saw me limping along with my cane, He came over and helped me get the wood I needed, found a cart that would carry the lumber, and pushed it to the front of the store.And he made sure someone helped me load it.


First,yes,the Office for ADA states Menards does not have to provide motorized shopping carts. My stance is that many of us including myself do not qualify for scooters either thru Medicare or VA.And most scooter companies have baskets that hold 10 lbs max( I checked) We have limited mobility and use a cane or walker with or without seats for us to rest on.My mother who is into her late 70s and is independent for the most part.

She uses a cane at home and a walker when goes out and is going to a Walgreens or other small store. She MUST as I, use a motorized shopping cart to shop at the big box stores, such as Walmart. We are unable to use wheelchairs due to our medical conditions. So that is why we ask stores to have mobility aids such as motorized for our use.

Without them we are unable to shop in large stores. Using a wheelchairs in Menards, with an employee pushing you all over the store, right. I actually had a passing conversation with an elderly woman who was going to have an employee push her in the wheelchair, no employees were available at that time.So she left. Oh well we disabled should know better.

So to Fella and Justice and others, I'm just wondering if you are disabled or have family who are. But it really doesn't matter because to the physically able, some of you will never understand or care about our plight. I came to this site to make a complaint and see if anyone else has similar problems,per the site premise.

Not to be chastised, but to some of you that is how you get your thrills. Have a good time folks as I'm sure you will,with the next *** who makes a complaint.


Menards never has nor ever will offer motorized scooters. It is a moot point to protest.

As stated by others above, you sir, need to purchase your own.

I am sure there are probably resources out there to help you financially, if needed, beings that you are a vet. In the meanwhile, go shop at Lowes or Home Depot, and the extra money you will be paying on your products could be going towards purchasing that scooter.......

(p.s) we are accommdating (at our store, anyways) and will gladly gather items off your list for you, or push you through the store if need be....try asking!


menards fully complies with federal regulations by making the entire store handicap-accessible. the two wheelchairs are there as a courtesy, nothing more.

while i thank you for your service to our country, i cannot understand why you don't have your own scooter in the first place. how are you able to function in everyday life? getting up in the morning?

walking to and from your vehicle?

you can either get your own scooter, or choose to shop at a smaller store or one that will offer you a borrowed scooter that, for some reason, you haven't gotten for yourself. shame on you.


So I see that at the end of your complaint that you want to be able to shop "without being caused pain." Did Menards injure your leg? Do you complain to the city when you go to a family outing at a park and have to walk to a picnic table?

Perhaps you should look into purchasing your own motorized cart. But who am I kidding, that would eliminate your ability to ***.


If you need this assistance at every store, then why don't you provide your own scooter. Did you drive by yourself to the store?

Then you should have the motor skills to use the wheelchair. If you had someone drive you then they can help you with the wheelchair provided.