Wooster, Ohio

We purchased a new Mastercraft door for our kitchen from the Menards store in Massillon, Ohio, in January 2011 for about $200. We picked up the door, took it home, and installed it in the kitchen.

While we were installing the door, we noticed that the glass was loose and wiggling around in the frame. The door on display at the Menards had two panes of glass in the doorframe, while our door had only ONE!

Menards and Mastercraft sure do know how to rip us off on our doors! They make us pay big money for the doors, and what do we get for all the money we spent? We end up with a piece of *** that they call a door!

We will NEVER go back to Menards again! When we get a replacement door, it will be from the Home Depot! Take my advice, if you want a good quality door for your house, go somewhere else other than Menards!

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hey vet. :grin :p :zzz


:cry Another poor baby. Hey, if the glass don't fit, you must acquit!

Bring it back and they'll make it right! Period.

Don't you have anything better to do???


exchanging doors at menards is the easiest thing in the world. they'll be happy you aren't returning the product for cash, AND you'll get a quality door out of it.

quit your whining and find a solution next time.


1st. If the glass was loose, why did you install the door.

2nd. If it was a door in stock, why didn't you just take it back and exchange it? 3rd.

Did you try their warranty process and fill out a claim form? Sounds like a bogus post to me.