Columbus, Indiana

Although most of us have become accustomed to occasionally being approached by Solicitors when entering or leaving a store (Girl Scouts, charities, etc.), I find it particularly objectionable when I'm bothered after I've entered the store, and am in the process of shopping. I've also noticed other Shopper's reactions to the DirectTV sales people interrupting them, and it's never been positive.

It would be a different matter if they were stationed within a designated area, and shoppers that are interested may go to them.

However, this practice of the Sales People roaming about the store, and bothering shoppers has gone too far. This is a deal-breaker, and they have officially lost my business.

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To all of you claiming "their just doing their job" or blame Direct TV and not Menard's: First off let me say that I love the employees at Menard's. They are always courteous and never harass or try to sell me stuff; they simply ask if I need help or if I'm finding everything I need.

I'm totally fine with that. But saying Menard's has nothing to do with it is ridiculous. They are the ones allowing reps for Direct TV to set up shop in their stores and harass customers. If I want Direct TV I can simply call their 1-800 number, so them being in stores in unnecessary.

I respect the fact that the reps for Direct Tv have jobs and aren't living on welfare but *** people off is no way to do business.

And they all think that they're the first ones to approach me about it.

If they want to be in stores they should set up a designated area so if we're interested, WE can approach THEM. Following customers around the store is just the wrong way to do it.


I was talking to a cute girl today who was a direct TV rep. I scored a date with her for tomorrow night


As a Menard employee I agree, The Direct TV people are a PITA. Customers aren't comfortable shopping when as soon as the stop to look at something in the aisle they are jumped by a couple of Direct TV pit bulls that *** at everyone in the aisle and don't want to let go. If Direct TV had such a desirable product they would open their own stores where people could come to buy their product rather than pouncing on shoppers in other stores.


If you let that get to you and make you mad you must have alot of problems. They are just doing their jobs.

That's why they are there. An this is not menards fault.

They have nothing to do with the direct tv sales people in their store . You need to talk to driect tv about that an not menards.


It's not Menards fault?

So do these Direct TV guys just sneak into the store and start peddling their wares...unbeknownst to all Menards staff?

Great tactic! Mary Kay, Amway and Herbalife should all setup in store and start following customers around too.

Heck, why stop there?

Add in every religion that wants to do their witnessing allow small time used car lot operators to take over the parking the lot.

In your mind, none of it would be Menards fault and Heartless would be in shopping nirvana.

So... how much do you and Heartless get paid to annoy customers?


So is the issue with Direct TV or Menards? You are okay with Menards employees trying to sell you stuff, but not Direct TV?

A simple no to the Direct TV employee is just too much effort for you? Do you stomp your feet in a fit of rage when you receive a flyer from Direct TV in your mail or any other flyer for that matter? Do you then come on here and complain that you are receiving flyers that you do not want? Do you realize that the problem is you and not DIRECT TV?

By all means go shop at Home Depot or Lowes until they PlSS you off about something even more ridiculous than this..... One more question how do you feel about the newspaper trying to give you free newspapers at the grocery store? Is that just too much to handle? Do you start shaking?



Do you suggest that Menards bears no responsibility for the goings-on within it's own store?  Sorry, they do...

  Also, Menards employees do not try to sell you anything that you don't specifically inquire about.  I know of no other other store, of any kind (Department, Drug, Auto parts, or 7-11), where you have to chase-away peddlers once you entered it.  I won't tolerate it, and I have no qualms at all about being rude to these people.  Now...  If you try to tell me "...they're just doing their jobs.", then *** too.

 I must admit that I have a particular dislike for unsolicited sales tactics.  I'm on the do-not-call list, I have a no soliciting sign on my front door, and I regard Telemarketers as one of the lowest forms of human life, and lump in the same category as Tapeworms and Head Lice.

 (no offense intended to Tapeworms and Head Lice).  I refuse to do business with any company with these business practices, which is my poragative, and in reality, I'm mostly pissed off that more people aren't pissed off about this, and just accept it.


Bitter much? I was approached but the directv guy in the store, he was nice and actually helped me find what I was looking for.

I was not interested in his sales pitch but he offered to help me anyway. I couldn't find a Menards employee to help me and he did. I simply told him no I'm not interested and he said ok no problem anything I can help you find, and he did. I actually appreciate what he did and his help.

As for the Menards employee that said they are a "pita", I guess so since they did your job for you while you were no where to be found to help.

I came to this site to complain about the Menards employees being lazy and to give directv credit and praise for their help. Guess this comment does both.


Most telemarketers have to do what they do so that they can live. Would you rather they went on welfare? Then what would you have to say?