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I asked Menards to offer a 12 month no interest no payments on a over $2000 privacy fence and auger. At the end of 12 months, i still owed a balance.

The then tried to charge me $312.00 in back interest for not paying off the bill. When I asked what the 12 months no interest and no payments was and why I was being charged for back interest, they informed me that I needed to look at the contract I signed. I signed no contract, my big card had been canceled at the time and they can't produce one. Yet two years later I continue to get calls up to 13 times a day filling up my answering machine from collection agents trying to collect the money along with another 300 or so for late fees.

When I say I don't owe it, I get argued with, cussed, harased and intimidated. I have called HSBC on several occasions and got nothing but treated rude. They refuse to take me to court. They only have the balls to have collection agents call and harass me for almost two years.

Anyone who uses Menards or any other card through HSBC is going to be sorry. The *** will never end.

When they call, they now get a taste of their own medicine. Any questions, Email me at ketaylor47@yahoo.com

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The only thing I can think of is to be sure next time to get it in writing with the manager when you make such as agreement so you have something to fall back on.


It's now July of 2014 and I want to comment to the really rude people on this site. The loan was a 12 month, no interest, loan.

A verbal agreement between myself and the store manager. The loan was paid off in 14 months with the interest owed on the remaining balance at the 13th month. There was no agreement on paying back the interest for the first 12 months. That was made clear at the time of sale.

When the home office finally cleared up the issue with the store manager, the harassment stopped, the loan payoff was correct, the strike was removed from the credit bureaus and I was apologized to by Menards for the harassment.


You have to pay the minimum payment every month or the interest accumulates for the 12 months if you don't pay hole bill off in 12 months you get a fat interest bill to pay plus whatever your balance is , your just a wanna be dummy and no what you got yourself into and playing dumb. Pay up ***


crybaby...pay ur bills


Thanks for the info, I was about to purchase $10,000 or so to finish my basement, no thanks now!


What a ***, you don't deserve credit I won't write anything else because all the other people that commented said all the right things, especially the guy who said he would like to reach thru the monitor to slap some sense into you.


I had the same thing happen to me with a magazine company. Tt is against the law for them to harrass you like that.

Record the messages and contact the Better Business Bureau.

Write them a detailed letter and they WILL make them stop. They also will provide you with the proper information regarding the credit card.


You screwed up by not paying it off in time and to make matters worse you've destroyed your reputation in the credit world.

Nothing is free buddy, MAN UP and pay your bill.

I wish there was the technology to reach though my monitor and *** slap some sense into you ...but I digress.


Sounds to me like you are handling the situation poorly and that this is your first time with an interest-free financing promotion from any store. In the real world, most people know that you have to pay in full buy the due date whether it's 12, 18 months or longer or any charges that would have accrued are then due.

You also need to make minimum payment to avoid late charges - the same as any other card, not just menards. You got a statement in the mail every month that states the conditions.

Pull your head out of your***and make sure you post a legitamate comment. Our household has shopped in store with a BIG card for years and everything has always been straight forward!


Possibly by far the biggest *** who's ever complained here. I am now dumber for just reading your moronic post. Nicely done,***.


What planet do you live on? 12 month no interest/no payment plans are just that.

You need to pay them off within 12 months or you pay the accured interest. NEVER NEVER use these plans if you can't pay them off before the 12 months is up. This is the same anywhere you go---Best Buy, Sears etc.

Get your act together and pay the interest you owe. They will keep adding interest and late payment fees to this amount and you will damage your credit rating if you don't pay.