Indianapolis, Indiana
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Got a flat tire got a nail in the yard in my brand new trailer made report came up a second time and I got out in same area and glass busted every where made a claim with insurance company they agreed to send me a check not of the value of the tire but of what they thought it was worth then I have to run it to a bank get it notarized a bunch of hassle that should have been prevented if people were doing their jobs also have videos and pics of both occurrences that happened in the Avon location of Indiana

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I'm sure they trow nails and glass around to ruin your tires. Is this near a trash container?

Seems like that if you got a nail in a tire there once common sense would tell you not to drive in that area if you saw glass there the next time you were there. When you see a pothole in the road do you try to hit it or avoid it?


Hit it, that way the state has to buy me new tires.....Wait that gets funded how? Lol


This long run-on sentence, which needs correct punctuation, is vague.

OP, what is the point of posting this vague complaint?


Why even bother posting if you're going to post of very unspecific information. My name Jack.

Jack don't like you. Jack always right.