Springfield, Illinois

Lowe's & Home Depot offers 10% discount to ALL veterans... period.

Menards hasn't, but recently introduced a "10% Promotional Matching" discount for active or retired military (only) that carry valid proof of service. I was informed a week after Veteran's Day, Menards recinded that policy, which is fine with me. My money spends well any place I open my wallet. If someone wants to offer an incentive to shop with them, I will.

Likewise, I would also encourage veterans to AVOID a 10% rip-off and the flip-flop found at Menards. We're worth it.


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Some stores give the discount it varies, in Lansing Mi the North store Migration doesn't believe in it the South Lansing store does. I had 500.00 on a cart and at checkout found this out.

I told the cashier just to put it all back in stock. Then purchased all the same stuff at the other store.

This is an insane policy, Menards is a private corporation John Menard still got my money. Very *** policy.


To AGM---Your comment "It was your choice to join, nobody forced you" is *** and short sighted. EVER HEAR OF THE DRAFT?

How would you know if someone chose to serve? I'm sure you never served or you would not so easily use the phrase "dishonorable discharge".


Why should you be treated any different than anyone else?

It was your choice to join, nobody forced you.

& You probably got a Dishonerable Discharge.


menards doesn't offer a military discount, they comp lowes and home depot. the don't have to offer a military discount at all.

if you want to argue about the discount or complain about how its not always offered, don't shop there. no sweat off their backs.


Since in the line of duty, I have been shot and tried to be run over. Where's my discount?

Oh wait, I'm proud to serve my community. I don't need a discount for doing my job!


Wow. How wonderfully eccentric while simultaneously being a complete waste of our time.

Good day, sir. I say good day.