Downers Grove, Illinois

It is company policy not to be able to talk to any one in Customer service. All complaints must be put in writing and then they might get back to you.

I've tried before to post an email and the stock answer is that the store manager will contact you. that never happens. Anyhow, I wished to purchase cabinet hardware from the store. one store didn't have enough.

the suggestion was that I call other stores and ask that they hold them. However, they will not hold them for more than a day. Instead of saying--we'll get them from another store for you and you can pick them up here--which would be the good customer service--the attitude was Oh well.

, if you want them you have to chase around for them. Then they wont even hold them for a reasonable amount of time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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so be it. Someone else will buy them, they'll have the money for sure then.

What if the person at that store wanted them, but some person from a half state away reserved them?

Then some guy would go on and whine about a someone buying the last cabinet, and that he called a menards a half state away and they were out. Geez, these menards people!


Menards policy is no holding at all. So if they are willing to even hold it for a day that is going against policy.

There are several reasons why Menards does not hold items for people. The most popular reason is people say they will come and pick them up and never do, thus losing sales because it's not on the floor. Also shipping between stores is a loss for money Menards, it has nothing to do with customer service. If they're out they're out.

If you want it bad enough you will go get them. If not you will wait for it to be restocked or buy something else.


The other store will ship it to your home. You'll have to pay a small fedex charge, but it's cheaper than gas...


How long do you expect them to hold a product? Holding it for a day seems more than reasonable.

If they have taken the product off the shelf for you it isn't available for anyone else to purchase. Working in retail very few people who ask you to hold a product actually show up to purchase the product.


They are just doing what company policy says, they do not go from store to store to get product.