Kalamazoo, Michigan

To my dismay when shopping in Traverse City, Mi. Minards now does not give discounts to the military.I could not believe when the cashier told me that the discounts were gone.

We serve our country and get no respect, we can give our lives but you cannot appreciate and show your support by giving a discount especially in these hard times. Shame on you!!! Our boys come home in bad shape physically and mentally for all of us and you show no compassion.

I am really appalled at your behavior. Money should not be everything.Thank you your X customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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just because you didn't get a discount doesn't mean disrespect. i thank everyone who inquires about the discount or comes in wearing their uniform or something distinguishing themselves. if you don't get a thank you then THAT'S disrespect.


Served my country with pride. I did it for my country and freedom!!

You are such a doushe bag.

Sacrifice is not expecting anything and I mean anything in return.... Shame on you....



Military discount?

We all should be deserving if a discount, but in order for a business to make money they must make a profit. A business is NOT required to give a military discount they give it because they want too.

Who are you to say shame on you?

You need to look In the mirror more often and judge yourselves, as god should and will be the only one to place judgement.

My father was a lifer in the military and I was in also.

Military gets combat pay in war. Free dental, medical and some places give extra discounts,

Be thankful for what you have, some have none!!

You should be ashamed for your comments!!!


You're not entitled to a discount because you joined the military. Everyone works hard, everyone dies.

You're not special that was your career choice. No one asked you to do it. You're not special for making it your career choice.

You're not better than anyone else. If anything you're worst, you're the core problem with America today.


It is very simple. Military wants a discount so do police and fireman and city workers and EMTs and well you get the point.

Bottom line either we give it to one or to none.

And does shell or bp give you a discount on gas, do you go in to church and at offering say "I am military so I kept 10%" When you get a ticket do you ask the judge for a discount? We are a retail store not a goodwill.


I was unaware you joined the military to save $.19 on a 2x4


Hard times? You're probably making more in the military than I am serving your looking-for-handouts-self at Menards!