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Menards has the worst return policy ever!!! I bought a MTD mower and it is junk!!

Halfway through mowing my yard the mower decided to lower itself, so I had t go back and remow what I had already done. It then kept catching on every bump of grass I hit. When I went to raise the mower, it broke the raising mechanism and now the wheel will not turn. I called Menards and they said they do not return anything that has already had gas in it.

So how do you know if a mower is a piece of *** without putting gas in it and mowing? I will never shop here again and go to Home Depot like I should have in the first place. I have never had a problem taking anything back there and that includes a *** eater. I have a Honda mower that is 30 years old and starts first pull every time(it burns oil but thats to be expected of a 30 year old engine).

I will never try to save money on any type of small engine ever again.

I would rather have paid twice the price and have something that will last another 30 years!! If you are going to try to keep up with the big boys you had better be able to match their service!!!!

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I know the Lowe's has a 30 day guarantee on all ope equipment. Don't like it or having an issue (with gas in it) so return it. It shows confidence in their products.


Who said I work for Menards? I browse this website occasionally looking for a good laugh, to be quite honest with you, which I can find easily by looking at how angry imbeciles like you get.

Almost as good as a nice standup act.

Explain to me how you have gotten Home Depot to accept gas returns in the past.

Did you cry, throw a fit, and writhe all over the floor like a 2 year old, demanding to speak to corporate? I'm guessing that's what you did, because Home Depot has the same return policy as Menards, as does Lowes.


First of all it was a gift. Second you need to get a life and stop blogging while you are not working at Menards. I'm pretty sure you are the one that looks like a third grader with that horrible run on sentence!!!!


Bottom line is, you can't read worth a ***, you probably have no idea how to properly use gas powered equipment, and you are another one of those people who want 'something for nothing'. Also, try cutting back on the exclamation points. When you use several of them in a row, it makes you look like a third grader.


Menards doesn't return items with gas in them because you could have done the damage yourself by putting in the wrong fuel type. Quite simply it's like if you buy a car and run the thing out of oil and screw the transmission up, the dealership will want you to take it to a repair shop, not just return the thing. Same rules apply to gas powered equipment at menards, take it to a repair shop, the company will cover the repairs if its not a user related problem.


Bottom line is that Menard's saves money bu F*^%ing the customer. I'd rather go somewhere where the employee's are actually knowledgable about their products. And Home Depot WILL return something that has had gas in it....been there, done that!!


Sorry meant that for the OP, not medalfa, got the wrong name.


Meldafa, the first thing you need to do is learn to read. The second thing you need to do is stop buying, as you put it, 'cheap ***', and expecting it to work fine and dandy for '30 years'.

Third thing, you will have the same issues trying to return things at Home Depot that has had gas put in it.

It is a hazard to employees, and the store can't do anything with it. It is your responsibility to read up on the return policy of items, not the stores.


Meldafa is SPOT ON.


"Just Saying" as the younger generation is...If you check most retailers, they will not return an item that has had chemicals in it as it is hazardous to an employees health. It falls to us, as the consumer, to follow the correct steps to return these items. If you check appliance stores, the same is same for a TV.


Like I said Heartless how do you know without putting gas in something if it works like it is supposed to. I guess they run businesses different up North.

You obviously have nothing better to do than comment on peoples complaints about Menards. You must work for that sorry excuse for a business!!!


It's stated all over the place near the mowers that you cannot return any pushed gas item once gas is put into it, it must go to a repair shop. It's also listed on your receipt.

It's also your fault for buying the cheapest of the cheap. You get what you pay for.