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The rebates at Menard's is nothing but a scam. Only sheep that wish to jump through hoops will support the scam.

If you by chance would receive your rebate after two months , you can only redeem it at Menard's for another product. They get to advertise the products as being on sale for a lower price but they charge you full price including the tax on the full price at the cash register. You end up paying the state a tax on the full amount and don't get that back. I am a contractor and buy lots products.

I have been scammed so many times I no longer buy anything with a rebate, i will go to Home Depot for them.

We need to get laws passed to prevent the scam. They should give a rebate immediately at the checkout. Menard's can bill the manufacturer for the rebate or they should have to give the rebate at the service desk after checkout.

All advertisements should have to be at the regular price. It;s not fare to other business when they are able to advertise something at a lower price when only a small percentage of customers actually get the rebate.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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If you were a little more informed you would know that when you use the rebate checks at the store, you do not get charged tax on what was paid for with the checks. Tax is only charged on what was paid for with cash, credit, debit, check, etc. So next time before complaining about something do a little homework.


They COUNT on people not sending in their MAIL IN REBATES and they make a LOT Of money off of those who don't! My sister worked at a Menards and she said they had one man come in with 6 different rebates all made out to other people, she thought he was the mail man an stealing them, the sad part is people dont keep track of there rebates and they are to *** cheap to put them in an envelope. :(


Talk to your sales rep. If you're a contractor you would have one and get contractors prices.


@Heartless - you should really review what you write before making light of someone else's spelling, because your spelling and grammar are horrible. The article "an" should be used before a word beginning with a vowel.

You meant "their" and not "there".

At one point, you should have used "Menards'" and you capitalized "higher" for some odd reason. Plus, your explanation of why people might use rebates was unintelligible.


Hahah, this guy can't spell no wonder he is a contractor. As far as the Menard's rebate it is advertised as a in store credit.

Most people who rebate shop Menards use there credit towards more rebated stuff only ever having to pay the first time or very low amounts. It will never be on any of Menards better quality stuff it's mostly the lower end junk.

Even Menards Higher end stuff is middle of the road. It's how they have cheaper prices.


I've never had any problem with Menards, and I've been shopping with them for 17 years now!

I have always gotten my rebate certificates. They don't expire, so I hang onto them in a safe place until they're handy for something 'extra' I decide I need/want (usually for hobby use). Plenty of that in a Menard's store!

As far as quality goes, sure, you can most always do better. But sometimes it's really not necessary, so why spend the money? Anything intended to be temporary or consumable, for instance. It's not meant to last! I'm not huge on, say, the Tool Shop brand tools, but sometimes there's something you need for one job or only very occasionally. Why spend the $$$ for a pro quality item at that rate? Also, Tool Shop stuff is okay for 'starter' users. If you break or wear it out, buy better. If you never actually get that far with it, you're not out much. They're also less likely to get 'borrowed'/stolen than esteemed name brand tools are.

I have not seen any building materials at Menard's that were not rated or listed for their intended use.

Any time I've wanted to return something that was sub-par or defective, they've cheerfully refunded my money.

Lastly, they're not really advertising the rebate items as being at a lower price unless they're also on sale, which they often are. Yes, you pay the sales tax on the amount you pay at the register, before the rebate. But, when you buy something with the rebate certificate, that is applied to the sales tax as well, so yes, you do effectively get that back, too. You're only paying sales tax the first time. The second time it's on them.


as my great grandfather once said you get what you pay for and products at menards are a prime example of the lower end of that scale. knowing menards quality if the building you bought is compete and actually assembles as planned id be afraid a 20" box fan would be enough to blow it over.

spend a little more or alot more later. One big advantage of your menards building is you can get a partial refund with the scrap metal from it


Menards sold my dad a $64,000 building with a rebate. The building was already the cheapest we could find, and we got a rebate of over $7,000!

What a deal! I love rebates!

Now we can buy a deck this summer for free and new patio furniture, as well as many other household items. Did I mention it's all free?


I love the menards rebate program. everytime i see an item on rebate at menards i buy it to save big money.

Sure i have no use for the item therefor they sit in my basement new in package for years but i got a good deal after my rebates come back.

Then when i get my rebate i run back to menards like a trained dog and buy more useless junk but i still got a great price.

thank you

mr noballs


You will get your rebates if you are filling out the form properly. You are mad that you have to spend it at Menards?

Like you don't use toilet paper, trash bags, light bulbs.....or maybe food? Come'on stop *** about something that is a good thing. I bought my $4000 bathroom with rebates. Sure I had to buy something else I NEEDED in order to get the rebate, but like I said...

I needed it. Only fools can't enjoy the program for what it is, giving a low price and the chance to use Menards money and get stuff for free.