Kansas City, Missouri

Refused to refund money for unnessary equipment picked up by my contractor for a radiant heat system they said he must use to install the system. I complained to BBB.

Menards lied and said I agreed to have a third party advise on system installation. I sent a certified letter to Menards informing them of my intent to sue for the improperly installed radiant heat system. As yet they have not picked up the letter.

Apparently they do not accept certified mail. When the time passes I am taking this information and the contractor and going to court because they obviously intend to behave indecently.

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Why are you suing Menards? They just sell the product. If the installation was bad, talk to the person who installed.


Menards doesn't have contractors.


Wrong they do offer contractors names and I have seen this done by many stores. They will or at least did hand out the contractors info. I think that practice may have stopped due to things like this so yes they can be taken to court as a Third party in a law suit.