Englewood, Colorado

Menards of Jefferson City, MO conducted a vehicle search of my truck after I was told to drive to their storage lot to load the three pieces of rebar onto my small trailer. The young man at the gate was very nice and agreed that the policy of vehicle search was wrong.

After being allowed to exit the lot,I stopped at the store and complained to the manager. I was more or less told that the policy was in effect because of all the thievery going on. I told him that was no way to treat loyal and honest customers. I suggested that the policy should change and to place cameras in the lot to record any thefts since they already record your vehicle licence number at the gate.

He said that policy would not change and putting up cameras just was not a workable solution. I informed him that there were cameras at my place of employment and it is a solution that works. I believe the treatment I received by being subjected to a search was wrong.

Peerhaps they should provide a better service by having someone to accompany the customer to help locate and load items would eliminate the need for cameras or this policy of vehicle searches. I'm usually in Menards a minimum of once a week, but until this changes, I think my money will be better spent elseware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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first of all,all menards stopped the military discount.i appreciate the troops and the effort and putting their lifes at risk,but so do cops and firefighters,and what about teachers,what about the friendly girl you bought a coffee from..in that case lets give everyone a discount otherwise its discrimination.not everyone can get their way.a search isnt really even done when you go in and out of the yard all the guard does is take a quick glance and count the items your taking,unless your suspected of stealing then a search is done


i worked at menards for almost 4 yrs and each time i went to the yard my truck was still searched just like every one elses they took my yard slip and searched me even tho i had worked there for years so quit playing victim and get over your self


Same store that took away the Military Discount..Same reason that MENARDS is the number three store and will remain at the bottom way below Lowe's and Home Depot. REASON?? they suck at customer relations.!!!!!!!!


Yeah, this is the standard policy and I can assure you that TONS of stuff gets stolen out of our yard. You have no idea.

I understand if you don't like this policy, but its only 3 pieces, you didn't have to drive around. If all customers were "loyal and honest" then we wouldn't have this policy. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of bad guys out there. You're not one of them, you're a good person I'm sure...but thats why the policy exists.

Its like airport security.

A few bad guys ruin it for everyone. You can't just get on a plane...and the percentage of hijackers is significantly lower than the percentage of thieves.


Take time to read the signs as you enter the yard. They inform you that your vehicle is subject to search. Do not enter the yard if you have something to hide and don't want your vehicle checked.


First off, the military discount issue was not part of this complaint. ALL Menards should not give the military discount.

Secondly, I always find it amusing when someone gets upset because their vehicle is searched, or they are asked for their receipt at the doors.

Why get upset? Do you have something to hide? Have you done something in the past that would warrant you to get upset about this issue? People who have never worked retail just don't understand why policies are in place.

There are theives out there, maybe you aren't one, but they still exist.

Theft drives up prices for everyone and inconveniences EVERYONE! So the next time you get upset because they looked in your vehicle or checked your bag, don't complain to the manager, complain to the shoplifters and their parents (who didn't raise them correctly).


Same Menards that stopped giving military discounts too.


You are able to cart away all products through the front door if you choose. I only drive around when I have a truck load of products to pick up. I also understand that all yards and warehouses have gaurd shacks.