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"Shut Your Cockholster Crybaby": I am very curious why you talk to people with as little respect as you do, so I have a few questions that you can answer below. Any other affiliate with Menards can say as they wish also.

Considering that you talk as though you are knowledgeable about this company and its practices, it is intelligible for people to conclude that you represent this company in some fasion. Are you in management? If so, would you say at what level? How are customer concerns addressed between you and the customer while at the store?

Are you compitent enough to be trusted with making difficult business decisions while maintaining levels of satisfaction from both the customer and the store? Do you bottle your stress?

How do you think Menards would handle your problem with badgering consumers over the internet? Lastly, how would you handle consequences recieved for any of your own actions, should any arise?

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That's the truth. Good post employee.


There is right by the door a complaint card you can take with you and mail in it goes right to John Menard he would fix it because I would not trust anything that a manager from Menard's has to say they play C Y A (that's cover your ***) all the time. Not only with customers but employees too.they lie right to your face stab you in the back !

They will not give an employee credit for idea's employees come up with,instead they tell you it won't work, then 3weeks later they emplament it as their own idea and take all the credit with their boss so they look good and *** on the employee . When you give notice they *** out of your bonus after they tell you that you made it no problem, then *** you around and lie more.they have no clue why employees leave.Oh they will send you an exit question aire to fill out but John Menard will never see it.Because it goes to HR and we all know where that will end up right in the trash!

Or they blow you off as a disgruntled employee. The best part in all this is every body that works there is looking to get out


Menards uses the slogan "dedicated to service and quality" Fella just indicated the type of service you can expect from employees. ask them a question and just get a blank stare. as far as quality i think "made in china" covers that


123456,perhaps you shouldn't generalize for the company as a whole? If a guest has a problem or question, I'll do anything and everything I can to make sure they get an answer or solution.

Both my department and general managers are the same way. Im sorry your management sucks.


Menards management was ticked that I could'nt give them 2 weeks, this after being passed for full time. Took another job week Ihad 13 hours sceduled at Menards. P.S made more in 6 weeks in new job than 9 months at Menards


As much as I agree menards is a pos I work there, fortunitally neither a manager or on the sales floor. I have to say that there isn't a whole lot of things that could be said that isn't true about the place.

They care nothing about consumers nor lower level employees. It's all about sale and money. My GM comes over the radio to tell the department scores on who has sold the most extended protection plans and big cards. It's a game.

I understand we need to make money but to make games out of it is horrible do the *** job is how I feel. If all the consumers out there read about The menards family closet, you would be amazed at the amounts of skeletons that occupy it.


menards is a do-it-yourself store. it caters to contractors and other types of people that know what they are doing.

people wouldn't work at menards if they had to know how everything works in the store.

they don't get paid enough to do that.

menards is not the type of store that will hold your hand like a baby when you are shopping. they expect you to have some independence like a regular adult should.


Great questions. Unfortunately Menards has a red-neck attitute and only can deal with cosumer by unleashing lowest lows.