Indianapolis, Indiana
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ok, so i am an underage employee at Menards...

And well i have been there for about 2 years now and STILL have not gotten a raise. All of my fellow employees have already gottten like 3 or 4 measly 10 cent raises.

Now i cant complain to much bc i cant goto a fast food place and start off at 7.00 and 9.50 on weekends but the ppl under 18 are the hardest workers around my store. Yet we dont get to much recagnition...

And well its so *** *** how G/o controls the payroll... Now maybe if they didnt have a person fly down from WI to each store EVERY month that could save tons of cash they complain about...

But well i cant complain to much bc its an ok paying employer...

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I could imagine it would be hard to achieve recognition without knowing or caring to use the correct 'too' or spelling skills to help spell recognition right.


I'm a carryout in Illinois and I started while I was in highschool at 17 making 8.00/10.50. I graduated midterm so I could get my raise, which I was under the impression that I wouldn't get any raises yet, other than the higher starting pay that graduates get (8.85/11.35).

Saw my check and I'm making 9.05/11.55 now, which isn't bad for still being 17 and being at my store for almost 10 months. It can be more stressful than it seems it could be, but it's worth it.


Im a carry-out in ohio and i started out at 730-980 but your right its the underage people that do the most work and get leased paid. but once you turn 18...after three months you take a basic knoledge test and once you pass you get a 10 cent raise and so one for three consecutive times then its 6 months but not so sure after that.

But yeah its *** that we get paid less. for that fact i have actually started working slower and crapier just because i feel im the person everyone *** on at my store.


Im pretty sure you can only get those 10 cent raises for doing in home training. If your not doing that then your not going to get one until you graduate from high school.


If you are not getting paid enough, maybe you should look for another place of employment. You are young enough to switch jobs.

By the way, our country is in a recession, which means that even big companies like Menards may not have the funds to give you a raise. Did you ever think about how much money it takes to run a place like that?

Trust me it's not cheap and I know that by just being a customer. Just remember, all employees are replaceable!


i looked everywhere for a job and menads pays more than the others. And i can always pick up extra hours. I recommend it as a good place to work


7? I started at 6.50


let's see... menards doesn't hire anyone under 16, and given that it's 2 years later, the youngest you could be is 18.

you're probably due for your 2.00 highschool diploma raise.

or is there something else going on? this doesn't seem right for some reason.