Montgomery, Illinois

I have purchased kitchen upgrades for $1955 from Menards (Montgomery Illinois) between 9-19 Jan 2013. There was 11% price adjustment program going on and I was told by store that I should send the original receipts with rebate form, whihc I did.

I have sent the receipts to Menards for price adjustment but never received any money. I have tried to follow-up with menards customer service and rebate processing center.

I was told the rebat is being processed and I should be getting the check. Not sure you guys can help out but ateast I want to express my frustration.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $1955.

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My guess is that when you purchased your kitchen it was on sale for more than the 11% rebate. Often kitchens are promoted at 15% off which means you saved more than the 11%. If you wanted the 11% rather than the 15% you could have had them refund your purchase, paid the current higher price and then received the rebate.


The Menards chain is disingenuous with their 11% Rebate program. As with any rebate program, store chains count on a less than 100% response rate from its customers but what bothers me is how they advertise their 11% Rebate program.

You never receive an 11% discount for anything you purchase yet they sell it like you are.

You pay the full advertised price then get a in-store voucher check 2 months later ( if you're lucky) to buy something else. I'm surprised a savvy lawyer hasn't taken them to task when they advertise "You save 11% on a specific item" because that's BS.


The 11% rebate on everything is false advertising. You have to buy regular priced items and they send you a rebate slip for 11% of the initial purchase.

You then use the 11% rebate slip to purchase more items at their store. The net result is you save 5-1/2 % on all your purchases, not 11%.


There is no false advertising. They advertise that you will get an 11% rebate in the form of a merchandise credit on purchases you make during the promotion.

Meaning if you spend $100.00 you will receive an $11.00 credit to be used on a future purchase.

Nowhere do they say you will get 11% on that future purchase as well. You seem to be the one making a false post.


What many may not know is when that rebate slip is spent in the store to purchase more items, those items are not taxed.

So you actually get 11% back from the first purchase and if the tax rate is 7%, you save that tax amount on the things you pay for with the rebate check. That equals saving more than 11% in the end.


Actually it's not 5 1/2 percent because they raise the prices on most items way over 11% during the "sale". So actually its a negative savings then you go back and buy more garbage with the rebate. Pretty good scam huh?


I shop regularly at Menards and keep a good eye on prices and NO, they don't raise prices above their regular price during the 11% sale. Having said that, if an item is on sale the week previous to the 11% sale it will go back to the regular price at the end of that sale and it may seem like they are raising prices to minimize the savings of the 11% but that's not the case.


We use Menards almost on a daily basis. Never have we had a problem with rebates.

It comes in the form of a postcard with green markings that is clearly labeled which rebates the voucher is for and the amount.


I realize this post is old but.... Rebates take about 6-8weeks for processing and if they looked it up and said it was in process than what was the problem? You know you can track your rebates yourself too right?

Also with the 11% price adj make sure you only sent in the 2weeks of receipts prior to the sale...and you will get 11% off regular priced items not sale items


to: 5aff307

Go to Menard's Rebate Center status, fill in the information and see if the rebates are listed there.


And I believe if it was only the rebate you haven't received that you're monetary loss is actually somewhere closer to $215...not the entire amount of your purchase...


You probably filled it out wrong. Longest I've had to wait for a rebate was 8 weeks. Menards can't fix ***...


See that's the catch they pray on that. Hoping people (whether older or not as attentive) will make 1 small mistake and that sale wont cost a dime.

*** why not give it at the register that day.

Because it would cost them the full amount that's why. Their hoping you screw up or lose a receipt or anything so it doesn't cost them anything.

@rick sontos

Sounds like good business to me...they offer the rebate to get people shopping and if they are competent human beings they can benefit from the generous sales. If someone can't figure our the rebate then they don't deserve it..