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I was in the Columbus Nebraska store,, needing to have duplicate keys made, I could tell the young lady had very little expereince in doing this.. I asked if she was sure that they were correct.

in which she assured me they were.. After getting back I find they do not work and never would.. Now I told her that a 64 mile round trip to have them done right was out of the question..

I called the store manager Chad and explained the situation and He hung up on me... GO BIG BOX STORE,,, THEY NEVER CARE FOR CUSTOMERS...

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Seeing on how you're such an expert on cutting keys why not do it yourself NEXT TIME. Menards uses a machine to cut the keys.

It's near impossible to mess it up unless you select the wrong blank. I've cut thousands of keys on that machine and even when using the correct blank often it will not work. Customer hands you the key you match it. It's a number 66 one of the most common you grab a blank on the backside it says the cassette to use.

Insert the cassette - then the keys - Hit button complete. Eye it up afterwards to make sure it didn't make any noticeable errors. Even when it looks identical it still may not work.

Your real problem is with the company that makes the machine to cut the keys. I suggest you contact them.