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I purchase a snow blower from Menard's last evening. I spent $1,005.42 fo0r the Brute 13.5 X 29 electric start. I even paid $ 39.95 for delivery of the terrible product and the delivery guy actually didn't even know how to get it out of the truck, my brother and I had to unload it.

I pulled up to my garage, put gas in it and tried to start the snow blower, it would not start. We tried it three times to no evail. We checked the oil, spark plug and all connections and this snow blower just would not turn over and it was approximately 15 minutews old. (Brand New)

I called Menard's in Oakdale, Minnesota I spoke to some one that stated he was the Manager, I explained the situation with the product I just purchased and explained to him, I need someone to come back to my home and pick this product up, I will not pay over $1000 for a proiduct that dopesn't work!! The *** so-called manager asked me, did you make sure to put fuel in the snow blower? I said, of course I did because I would be willing to bet it would not start with out it. Again, the *** manager then stated this, we'll seeing you put fuel in the product we can not take it back becasue it's now used.. I said, that's incorrect because this item will not start, I've had it (15) minutes and I would also bet your delivery drive has not even returned back to your storer yet from his trip to my home 10 miles away? The manager said, you're correct,. he's not back yet buyt seeing you have put fuel in the snow blower to start it for the first time, regardless of the fact it will not start, it's yours and we will not take it back. The store manager then hung up on me!!

Nice service from a retail store thast steals over $1000 from customers, refuses to try and make some sort of an accomidation to the customer and then hangs up the telephone because he's both to ignorant and unqualified to answer simple questions.

I will NEVER buy as much as a cotter pin from Menard's ever in my life, what a joke of a retailer.

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I just had this exact same situation tonight. Bought a snowblower yesterday, would not start and they will not take it back because I put fuel in it to find out it would not start.

Unbelievable. What did you end up doing?


@hgfhgf that policy is only valid if there has been no gas put into the item. I have seen it many times that people put gas in an item they purchase and once they use it they decide it doesn't do what they had hoped. If an item is defective that is another issue, if the item just doesn't work the way you want it to, you are on your own.


The policy states that you have 30days to return gas powered items, after the 30days it's your responsibility to take it to a service center UNLESS you opted to take advantage of the extended warranty program (if the item qualified)

So I'm not sure how that mananger could have denied your return since it was apparently before the 30mark.


i to have the same problem.i bought a snow blower 12/03/10,that did not work ,mine started ,but ,not throw snow, menards they will not take it back ,because, i put gas in it, now,i have to have it repaired. :(


Or,they'll throw you off the property. One or the other.


Take it inside the store, speak politely, but loudly to the manager on duty, if you do not get satisfaction, stand outside the door and tell all that are going in about your issue, believe me, they will make it right!


did you use fresh gas or gas that was in your garage for awhile. i have used old gas in machinery,wouldnt start ,took out the spark plug to dry out ,put in new gas and fires right up.


Does it turn over or is it frozen?


Thank you for pointing out something I wouldn't have noticed by myself. You're a benefit to have.


Dude your a dumb***. You can't even spell stuff right.


I had the EXACT same experience at the Oakdale Menards this past weekend! Mine started but the throttle linkage was broken and it wouldn't choke.

I ended up calling my credit card company to dispute the charge. It's now in the hands of Chase Bank.


You did not state if you spoke to a hardware manager or a store manager. There are 2/3 store managers, so speak to a different one. Menards policy states that they do not return gas powered products that are defective after gas has been put in them, but they cover the cost 100% for you to take it to a place that contracts with Menards for it to be fixed.


The policy states all gas powered products must go to a service center once they've had gas added. This is to prevent people from using a product for what they need it for, then returning it.

(A.K.A. Free rental) which people try all the time.

This policy is from the manufacturers, not Menards. And is the same at Lowes & Depot.