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Overall, I'm really happy with the Menard's store in Marquette, MI. I agree with those who say that help is sometimes hard to locate, but when you can find them, they're helpful and friendly.

What I really dislike is the check-out system that they switched to a few years ago. The clerk now has her back to the customer, limiting eye-contact and social interaction. Where was the logic in that? A very poor corporate decision, if you are listening out there.

You have to bag your own stuff, too, which isn't bad when just a few items have been purchased, but is a nuisance when you are buying a large number of things, which is often the case in a hardware store. For that reason, I tend to limit the volume of my purchases there on busy days, and shop for the rest down the road at Wal-mart.

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Shut the *** up you lazy beitch. You're a piece of sheit.

Go pay more at our competitors. People like you make Americans look like lazy pieces of sheit.


"Mookie": You must not go grocery shopping then...since most grocery stores require you to bag your own merchandise. And if your foot is no longer broken then what is the problem?

Why are you unable to bag your own stuff? Quit whining and man up. Or stay home and save the rest of us the trouble of dealing with your miserable ***.

Also, you may find that being respectful and polite will get you further in life.

You get what you give. Broken foot=karma.


I hate those complaint boxes they put in at the mall. A woman comes in the shoe store today, so huge she's protected by 'Green Peace', and ask for a size-4 shoe. So I asked her if she wants to eat them there or take them home, and she has the nerve to complain about my performance.


I just went to Menards for the first time since last summer, had a broken foot. Today as I was checking out, Kendra the nasty cashier, refused to bag my items even when I requested her to and she said she only bags if she is not busy.

No one was behind me, I asked her when this began as policy and she turned rude and ignored me. I went to the nose picking store manager, Zach, and explained that the cashier on lane 2 was bagging the customer's items but mine girly on lane 6 wouldn't, then told him that I did NOT work for Menards and had requested assistance with the bagging. He missed the entire point when he said "see you later" after we conversed. I said No Zach, you missed the whole point, you won't ever see me shop at Menards again after your lazy employee wouldn't do her *** job!!

This was the South Lansing Michigan Menards :( All Zach pointed out to me was that "self bagging" is written on the check out lanes. So I asked him what if I had a physical disability, my broken foot that I just got the boot off of last week, and he said they would have worked out something. SOOOOO>>> I have to pronounce my physical disabilities in public to get help with the check out process???? I believe they check out process isn't finished until they put the merchandise in the bag and the bag in the cart.

Do you see how they as does Walmart, Meijer, etc. expect you to perform employee work?? Saves the corp.

big bucks on worker's comp claims too. Well, so long Menards.


I work at a Menards that's still stuck with the 2x2 counters. I've been pregnant two times in the 6 and a half years I have been employed here and let me tell you how frustrating it is when people pull up and just STARE at you. When you go to WalMart YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR ITEMS ON THE COUNTER as such with most other stores!!!!! I do not mind bagging peoples items- I actually enjoy that part. Another bad thing about the small counters is when you'd get those people who just make a huge pile on it and then put their light bulbs on top! You don't need to get everything up right away and then freak out at us when something falls off and shatters because you threw it all up in a haste!

I feel like the new registers make guests realize that they should be more careful with their items since they can't blame us when something breaks due to their bad decisions.

However I have heard that the cashiers get more back pain from reaching UP to use their keyboards where as the old ones were DOWN so it was easier?


The cashiers back is to the customer, ONLY when you are not the customer currently being taken care of, When you are "up" the cashiers is giving you their full attention and social interaction! The check out system was changed to make it more efficient, and it IS !!The old way, having a 2x2 counter space and the cashier having to dig through peoples carts to get their products, and usually through garbage, soda cans, kleenex, shoes, etc.is NO picnic!!

And seriously, how lazy have we become as a society that you complain that you have to bag your own goods??

If there is no one else in line,usually the cashier will bag for you! Hating the system so much, feel free to go to Lowes, where you will usually pay much more on exact products!!