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Menard's has terrible service. I live almost an hour away from the store in Central Nebraska and was up because I had to fix up after a storm and after finally recieving my insurance payment, spent over 50,000 on a project.

I had a few problems at the registers because my card 'apparently' had a daily limit. The cashier didnt know what to do, saying it was confidential info and couldnt say why. They then HAD to call a manager for help. He offered to call and talked to my bank in order to 'allow the purchase'.

I instead wrote a check he HAD to approve!!! after checkin my license and entering it into the register. I finally paid and returned home to wait for the delivery the next day. When the delivery guy came in the morning I found out some items were missing!

The driver said he couldnt go back and get them, since he had other deliveries that day. I called the store and complained...Those *** told me they would have an employee bring them down for me, but he was late because of "construction". I lost a good amount of work because of this. When i called the store manager to complain he offered his apologies and offered to take a measley 5 percent off of my total.

He told me it would have to be in an instore credit unless i waited for the check to clear the bank! I refused the 2,500 dollars and will only shop locally even if it is more expensive. I doubt I will return to Menards, the employees tried too hard to help, but only made things worse! I was upset because it took almost 30 mins for the building dept to write up my order!

Then getting held up at the registers when their motto is no waiting for savings! You think for a sale this big they wouldnt have had to 'verify' my check or id, instead treating me like a criminal.

Sorry this is a long review, but it is necessary to include every event so YOU can avoid that kind of treatment! Not only will they waste you're time, but if they mess up their manager will try to buy you off!! I sent a letter to their corporate office, but don't expect a response because they only care about money.

Sadly I gave them 50,000 dollars to pad their wallets. Goodbye Menards maybe you will learn to treat you're customers better!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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What a ***. You blame Menards for your banks policies.

Then you expect next day delivery on $50,000 worth of materials and can't understand a human made a mistake and missed a few items as the rushed to build a load of that size. They got the product to you later in the day and you still bitched and they offered you a sizable credit that isn't good enough for you. If you are so damned perfect why don't you run a retail store and see how you would do.

Doubt you would last 6 months as no one would work for you as you demand perfection. Too bad most people aren't as perfect as you.


It never ceases to amaze me the sheer ignorance and sense of entitlement these "customers", "Guests", have.

Firstly, your financial institution and credit accounts are YOUR responsibility to be informed of. I understand it is embarrassing to be declined, however, it's more embarrassing that you're an adult who apparently doesn't even understand the nuances in their own finances.

The fact they called YOUR bank on YOUR behalf (Probably because you acted like an a55hole, denying responsibility for said ignorance) is a prime example of the lengths we go to go above and beyond what is necessary or fair.

Please, shop elsewhere...Feel free to take any *** that may heed your words seriously with you. And thank you for shopping Menards!



I understand that you are all Menards Savvy consumers, believe me. I am thankful for my dedicated shoppers, and I would like to others to take a hike.

First off, The reason that some of your product was not delivered was because you bought product that was out of stock, therefore MENARDS PAID THEIR OWN EMPLOYEE TO PICK UP YOUR PRODUCT AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION AND DELIVER IT TO YOUR RESIDENCE. This comes straight off the store's bottom line. Wah Wah Wah you sound like a big baby. You got the product.

You shouldn't have expected (what you say is $50K) product the NEXT DAY.

I would like to see another store be kind enough to offer a $2,500 refund to you. I don't understand your problem.


So its their fault that your credit card company has a daily spending limit on YOUR account. Im sure that if you spent $50k everyday on your credit card, you wouldve known about it before going to Menards that day.

Then complain about them verifing your check after your card got declined. Next time make sure your able to spend a large amount before you go into a store with your cards that you control and not the store.


Yea, Mcdonalds forgot my fries one time and I was already 4 miles away before I noticed. They tried to buy me off too!

They offered me a larger fry and $2,500 for my troubles... What a joke! I'll never go to McD's again because I have a Wendy's just down the road.

You're loss McD's. You can't buy me off!


You had to provide ID for a $50,000.00 purchase after your credit card was declined and you wrote a check? How awful!

You must not have reached the status of ELITE yet. I, on the other hand, recently 'bought' the Sun Drop Diamond for $10.9 million and I didn't have to provide ID.

I didn't even have to write a check--Sotheby's just gave it to me! It's nice to be ELITE!


Let me get this straight....they forgot stuff on a delivery, offered to bring it down and give you money back and you are mad? You don't think it is possible that maybe people write counterfeit checks and mabye that is why they had a manager check it?

Think what you want and pay what you want but Menards has never given me problems at all. You wrote a check for a huge amount and didn't expect them to verify it????

If you card didn't go through I would say that is your problem and not their problem. I'm sure they didn't want to take your money.....right


I agree, Menards is awful, I don't know how they stay in business. I purchased 5k worth of fiber cement siding and trim.

I was told some of the trim was a stocked product, but that they did not have the qty. I needed, but it would be in in 7-10 days. After 10 days I had them deliver what they had - for $135 - they forgot to load the tyvek, tape and nails - they offered to bring them for free - two days later. I just returned everything they failed to deliver by phone and drove to home depot.

I should have purchased there in the first place - customer service is way better and, they offered to deliver my order for free. Totally regret trying Menards.


Menards doesn't sell tyvek. And like you would have had $5,000 dollars worth of siding put on in two days anyway.