Rockford, Illinois
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I purchased floor grout from the Menards in Sterling Illinois. The product turned out to be expired and moldy and when layed down has turned my floor multi colored.

I took pictures and filled out a complaint form sent it in and never heard from them. I asked the store for corp number & was given a number for guest services. There is no one to talk to just recordings that they do not respond to. After a little snooping I have the corp number.

Here it is in case you want a human to hear your complaint. 715-876-5911. All I wanted was a new bag of grout and a grout removal tool.

From now on I will be shopping at Home Depot. Even if it is a 45 minute drive from my home

Monetary Loss: $12.

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quit blaming stores for something that is not their fault. The VENDOR send the product, no one in their right mind would check every "born on date" of grout when they stock it. Quit whining and take it up with the maker of the product and leave Menards out of it.

I got a cd that was scratched from Best Buy but I still like the store, those punks should have opened each cd and checked before they placed it on their shelves huh?


Home Depot is for the birds


It's smart shopping to check the date, even while it is the stores responsibility. You don't go to the grocery store and not look at the date on the milk container before you buy it. It's simply smart shopping to check.


I am curious if you go to the grocery store and buy expired milk? Yes it is the stores responsibility to check, but isn't it smart shopping for you to check yourself?

In the case of milk in a grocery store, I always check the date on the milk carton just in case. It comes down to smart shopping, duh.


What a bunch of idiotic responses!! It is the stores responsibily to remove expired or damaged items from the shelves! Is the consumer getting paid to do their jobs?


Buyer beware. This will go along with ANYTHING you purchase.

Not just from Menards. ALWAYS double check. This was your mistake as a homeowner for not further looking into the product.

When you're buying something for your home always be aware that it will be there for YEARS.

It's like buying a new car, you look into brands, you check out the specs, make sure everything is in check and then buy. You need to do the same thing with the investments around your home.


this is a typical Menard's shopper. I don't know how to follow directions or check expiration dates and so I'm going to blame Menard's for my idiocy.javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')



Why wouldn't you get the phone number to the manufacturer. They made the defected material not Menards.

If you would have brought the product back before you installed it they would have exchanged it. The complaint forms get sent to the manufacturer if the that compnay chooses to not respond you contact the store to get the corporate office involved.


how is you using expired grout menards fault?

buyer beware. if it was moldy, why did you use it?


hahahhahaha. EXACTLY.

That is why they did nothing about it!!

See what I have to deal with on a daily basis!!! :roll


If you opened it and it was moldy why did you install it? I recently bought a jar of jelly from the grocery store and it had mold on it.

I sure as *** wasn't going to spread it on my bread anyway. DUH!