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I have been shopping at my local Menard's in Gurnee, IL. since 1997. This past December my water heater began to leak on a Saturday during our first winter snow storm and bitter cold. I found a contractor who could do the installation and met him at the Menard's store to purchase the water heater, a Richmond water heater made by Rheem. After it was installed and filled with water, it turned out to be defective. I called the store and asked for the manager. I was asked what the problem was and transferred to a person who was not the store manager, but the plumbing dept. manager. I was told to bring the defective water heater back for an exchange. So the new water heater had to be drained, unistalled and brought back to Menard's. The replacement water heater was installed and also defective. Again, i was told by the same dept. manager to bring it back for an exchange. The third water heater was installed and works fine.

Here's the problem: I had to pay the contractor to install, uninstall and return two defective water heaters to Menard's. I was assured by the plumber dept. manager who handled this from the beginning that the extra costs would be covered by Menard's and/or Rheem. I was told it could take 2-4 weeks to resolve. Well, four weeks has gone by and neither Menard's nor Rheem has come forward to resolve this problem.

I would strongly suggest not shopping at Menard's for any bigger ticket items as they do not stand behind their products or there manager's word. I also would consider purchasing a different brand of water heaters .

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I work at menards we are the best in the midwest and will return anything no other company anywhere will do that you are really *** woman


Well next time you might consider buying the water heater plan. For 40-80 extra dollars (depending on the duration of the plan) you have a plumber come to your house and replace it for you for free.

There is no way they have not asked you if you want it, when they are writing the ticket it authomatically pops up on the screen. But probably you decided that it costs too much. And now this is Menards fault. So if I decide that health insurance is too expensive and do not purchase it and get sick and get a bill for $25K, then whose fault is it?

The government maybe? The hospital? The doctors?

Manufacturer's warranty includes replacement of the product only if you are looking for one that includes labor I can only wish you a good luck with that.

And belive me they'll definitely won't miss you.


The customer service sucks in BELLEVUE, NEBRASKA!!!!!!!!


UPDATE to my Jan. 13th Post:

After over a month of discussing this issue with both Menard's and Rheem, I received a partial credit towards some of the additional expenses I incurred. Although, I am not totally satisfied with the outcome, I am glad both companies decided to partially recognize the value of a loyal customer.


Menard's will NOT pay for the contractor expenses. maybe Rheem would.

but I doubt it.

who's to say that it was installed properly, or that you didn't

damage it. try doing that at home depot or lowes guess what after you exchanged it the first time and than came back a second time they would tell you to call the manufacturer and not let you exchange it.


It's an Amish technique; it's like slapping someone with silence.