Indianapolis, Indiana
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I was shopping in Menard's in Indianapolis today and when I showed my Military ID. the cashier said that they no longer accepted a 10% Military Discount.

Imagine that!! I left my merchandise at the counter and said "No Thank You" A women at the next isle said "I have a brother serving right now in Afghanistan" and she left her merchandise there at checkout also. HOME DEPOT and LOWES supports OUR TROOPS!!!! Pass this on.


To think that our troops go through *** and this is the thanks WE GET!!!!??????? PISSED!

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It seemsl like the military has bred nothing but a bunch of crying government babies. What's going to happen

when they get off the government dole and have to be productive in the private sector?

They won't make it. Yes I was in the Army and I have never seen so many whinning, lazy people in my life. That's why most stay.I will continue to shop at Menards.

Most of your critics including the aforementioned will always find something to complain about. Go Menards!


War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.

The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

--John Stewart Mill--


For you military include Menards. The posters who said the military does not deserve any special discounts, because it is a volunteer force.....very true....a military you was not brave enough to volunteer for.

Don't call youself a patriot if you bash the military and did not serve. People like that should be taken to China, then let them speak about things online, and just wait and see how fast they will get picked up by the police. To the lazy cashier at menards, really it bothered you that much to ring up a discount, you would not last 5 seconds in the military. Like the one gentleman stated, its not the discount, its the expression of thanks.

Think about this, if there was no military, how long would it take for another country to come in and try and take over and force their way of life on us.

I would have to bet it would not take very long at all. It took 24hrs for a bad post about delta airlines, to bring the whole airline industry to the call of the military.....because as a business you do not *** off the military....if Menards continues this....I would bet any amout of money they will be under in the next 5yrs...

@"Everyone should respect the M

Been three yrs Menards still going and will be going strong. Everyone should be getting the discount yes. I see giving a cheap discount too the military as a thanks is a joke.


I work there, and the reason why there is no longer a military discount is because people were complaining that they should pay the same price as anybody else regardless of their occupation, service, age, etc. It's immature to just leave your stuff at the counter for the cashier to have to deal with, its the higher up's choice not the cashier's. I am sure they know people in the military as well and may still wish they could give the discount..


Yes! I second this. Thank you.


No offense but if you dont get a discount what is the big deal? If you are not paid enough find a new career.

What about the Teachers, police officers, fire fighters, etc. They all put their lives on the line as well. You chose combat, but you feel someone should reward you for a job you chose to do.

I could see if you don't get paid at all and it was volunteer service. Let's be realistic


I am stunned to see so many military haters...and yes I will be a baby and ask for a discount not because I am entitled to but because yeo have families in the military that survive on $1500-2000 a month with couple of know what makes the military different Mr. effortless is that people that joined are willing to do something meaning full and SERVE.


runnerdude tell me when you have a construction worker wake up in 2 am to fly 18 hour mission and have a 35 hr day without asking for OVERTIME... appreciate those that can and are willing to serve because you are too scared to do it...

@Jonny O

You really shouldn't throw that around without expecting a pointed response even if it's six years too late.

Yes the military is lowly paid, but here are the benefits that other people don't receive that adds up to a whole lot.

1. If you live off base you get $1800 a month for a place to live.

In some spots that can pay rent, electric, and cable. Which doesn't even touch that $1500-2000 a month yet.

2. If you are close to a commissary, you pay no taxes on purchases. In Virginia that can be a savings of 6% that us regular folk have to pay.

In addition, it's super cheap and high quality!

3. You, your spouse, or kids can go to college for free!!!!!!!!!! That's a huge chunk of income saved right there.

4. When a military member goes into a combat area - that's tax free income (except for social security).

For many families, that's another 10% minimum saved. 5. Free health care - don't even get me started on that one. Companies that offer military discounts that exclude others do it to say "thanks", but when it becomes ANOTHER entitlement, regular folks take some offense to it.

I served, I appreciate military discounts being offered, but I don't accept them because they are inherently unfair to everyone else.

Aside I'm not that special that I need one. And as you can see, I did pretty well anyhow.


We do all of our home shopping at Menards. We bought a house 2 years ago that needed/needs a lot of work. We have always been happy with Menards. However, we were VERY unhappy when purchased a Shop-Vac, drove it home, opened the package and the hose dumped pine needles, dirt, and sticks ALL over our couch!!!!! THEN, we found that parts were missing.

How are you selling me a "New" item at full price that's USED and MISSING PARTS!!??! If we wanted a used Shop-Vac that was missing parts, we would have bought one on Ebay for 1/2 the price.

I called my parents who also shopped at Menards to find out that they no longer shop there due to a 50 foot cord that they purchased, drove 35 miles away, unpacked, and found that it had been cut to a 20 foot and 30 foot cord.

If there is no good solution to this, we will be taking our business to Lowes and telling everyone we know not to shop at Menards.

-Very irritated


As a retired military member, a discount is just about saying "thank you." It is nice to have when it's available; when it's not, you move on and continue what you were doing. And for everyone on here - Home Depot and Lowe's offer a 10% discount to retirees, active duty and VA disabled vets. Go there if you're unhappy.


If your so upset that businesses offer military some sort of a discount why dont you drop what your doing and join. I can can guarantee you that the individual with these negative thoughts cant handle it.

I spent my 20 years in the military and *** all of you who have negative thoughts about discounts that military personnel receive. Many of us have slept in places that the homeless wouldnt consider of. We have eaten and drank things for survival that the common man would just *** and puke over. We have left our loved ones behind for months at a time.

We decided to put our life on the line so that you may sleep at night under the freedon that we provide. We dont get paid for overtime or have an 8 to 5 job. We are on duty 24/7 with no extra pay.

So the next time you see a service member how about saying THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE. You may just put a smile on his face and yours also.


My dad served for 21 years. He even uncovered land mines in Kuwait.

He doesn't ask for discounts. Did you build your own house? Probably not. Some other American citizen did and they didn't ask for a handout.

Do you give the boy who mows your grass a discount? Probably not. He served you.

People that work for Menards don't even get that good of a discount. Learn to appreciate your fellow Americans around you and maybe they will learn to appreciate you.


I was at Menard's this weekend and was also informed they discontinued the military discount. I called the store and spoke with the Manager and asked why they discontinued it.

The manager informed me that they want to give the same price to every customer. Very upset and we will not be back.


I work at Menards and I absolutely hate giving the military discount! You made the choice to serve.

Why are you entitled to a discount when police and firefighters here are not? Get over it!!

The reason they want to stop, everyone wanted a discount!

IT WAS TOTALLY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!! Look in the mirror, I'm sure you were one of the ones that took advantage of it!


What a joke. You Mr Military Man is what makes America look like a bunch of *** You're not entitled to more just because you made a free will choice to join the military.


Many of American's work just as hard or harder then you did and ask nothing in return, but you're on here crying over a 10% discount. YOU'RE PATHETIC.


You should all be as ashamed of yourselves as I am of you! You are talking about people who put their lives on the line just so IDIOTS like you can enjoy all the freedom we have as AMERICANS!!

It would not hurt Menard's to give them a 10% discount. You are all despicable people!!!


We have a saying in Germany. It is better to have loved and lost than to engage in a land war with Russia in the winter.


Too bad about the military discount. It is a cause for concern.

But what is most concerning is the Menard's minions who sent comments. Hilter and Stalin had those type of personalities working for them too; boot lickers who worship the ground on which their dictator walks regardless of how poorly he treats them.


I bet you collect a pay check every month just as I do. I more less volunteered for my career just as you did.

I have never had "special Discounts" offered to me.

Just enjoy the discounts you have received in the past and consider it as a thank you.