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I cannot believe the experience I just had with one of Menard's managers at the Homer Glen, Illinois store. I purchased several items including two Plumbers Putty containers at $0.98 each. I generally put purchased items in different plastic bags and somehow failed to take the bag with one of the Plumbers Putty containers. Something I failed to notice until I arrived home.

Normally I would have just forgotten about it, but since my wife did not like the shower fixture I had to return it. At the Returns Desk I mentioned what happened to the Clerk who called a manager to approve giving me the one container; the one I had purchased but had failed to leave the store with!

After explaining what had happened she left without saying a word. I asked the clerk where she was going and was told she was "reviewing the tape". What tape? "The video tape."

Amazing over $0.98. After more than ten minutes she returned and informed me that I had been charged for both items. Of course; that was not the issue something I had related to her.

Her position remained resolute and stated I had purchased the item and they would not provide another one. I became more-and-more upset that I had wasted time over a lousy $0.98 combined with her attitude. As the argument progressed she informed me to leave the store. At that time I responded in an angry fashion wondering where in the Menards' Employee Manuals you have forgotten the principle of GOODWILL.

All of this over $0.98. I still cannot believe it. But I can assure you the preference I had for Menards over The Home Depot or Lowes has been lost. If Menards does not have the ability to hire managers with the ability to show some flexibility combined with People Skills then I cannot continue shopping at Menards.

Interestingly I contacted their Guest Services with a complaint and received the following reply:

"I'm very sorry we let you down. We need and appreciate your business. I will alert Mr. Cosson, our General Manager to the situation at once. His direct dial number is 708-645-5480."

I've yet to hear from Mr. Cosson and so much for the business appreciation. I can guarantee you I will not be calling him!

So much for the concept of Guest?

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It may have been jus 98 cents but add it up.. We get challenges like these all the time.

If we just GAVE away product we would be in deep! If you get poor guest service thats one thing but understand there will be no free hand outs. As for the "Lowes Gentleman" Way to talk up your store on a complaints forum. Lets look at the numbers for a little while.

Menards is wiping the floor with Lowes and Home Depot. Ive been with Menards for over 5 years and I love my job. I treat every guest with the up most respect no matter how disgruntled they may be. I see to it that my team members do the same!

Maybe its you, Maam that is worrying about 98 cents! You did complain about it on the internet..


We here this ALL the time out here @ our Lowe's about the Menard's just up the road from us, too. (Must be in Menard's training manual for manager's under "How to *** off the customer so they go elsewhere!".

) I truly wish I had a dollar for every PO'd Menards customer I get to leave Lowe's with a smile on their face! And, I DO KNOW Menard's and how the operate, I was with them in 2002.

NEVER saw a manager help anyone! Always hiding up front in their cubicles.


Menards is the worst in customer service.


also, do not attempt to pay in foreign currency.

unless it's the euro.

because it's worth wayyy more.


PacoL, my advice is to never waste your time arguing over an amount of money that you can't put into the lap dancers G-string.

While they will take rolled coin (trust me, it can be done), it's just bad form to give loose change.


good point jason. both parties are at fault here.

but solely from the perspective of menards, it simply isn't worth it to cry over 98 cents... but i guess it works good as a deterrent, to make sure people don't try that *** in the future.


I understand you fella, but sounds like he also made a big deal of 98 cents and was asked to leave because he threw a temper tantrum like a little three year old when he is the one that forgot his item behind. Whethere it is 98 cents or not perhaps that is their policy.


i normally like to defend menards where i can, but this is just terrible business on their part. i could understand their reasoning if the item in question was $98 instead of 98 cents.

a good business realizes that, although they are giving up a dollar right now, the happy customer will return and perhaps purchase hundreds of dollars more in future projects.

it just doesn't make sense. it seems like this manager went on a power trip, and needed to feel correct no matter what. to anyone who wishes to run their own business: take care of the people who come to your store.

if you keep them happy, they will always return to you and spend money there. it's just good business.