Lafayette, Indiana

Bought 5 doors at menard's and noticed one was cracked when ready to install...They would not exchange it...Want me to fill out a form to get my money back...What is wrong with this picture??? I admit that the doors were purchased 7 months in advance...I have the receipt...But when I called Lowe's and told them the same I had bought it from them...They told me "Bring it back..we'll exchange it...the doors have a 5 year warranty on that's what I wanted to hear from Menard's !!!

I called Menard's and talked to the manager and explained that I had purchased around $10,000 from them on the remodel and that this was the only thing I had problems with...He was rude and told me that I had done something to it myself!!!

Why would someone buy and put a crack in a door to go though this??? STAY AWAY FROM MENARD'S AND BUY AT LOWE'S...LOWE'S TOLD ME THAT THEY WOULD EXCHANGE IT...DOOR'S HAVE A 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON THEM...!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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hey your not alone with these miserable employees at Menards. I had several occasions where I purchased products in advance, which is OK by the way, after I discovered poor workmanship, cheap material, then the *** managers made it worse. Stay away from Menards and purchase your next project from a service oriented supplier.


Just a note for do-it -yourselfers. Please don't buy your products for remodeling months in advance.

They sit around you garage or basement where they can get damaged or in the case of wood products split or warp due to changes in temperature and humidity before they get finished. Don't be tempted to save a few bucks because they are on sale, they will be on sale again and you won't run the risk of damaged product when you need it.


Sounds like they gave you an install complaint form. Its the green form they give you to fill out if you have an issue with products that were installed.

You say you noticed it when you went to install it. You must have installed it or you would have brought the door in to exchange. Was it installed or a special order?

Im sure they would have exchanged it if it was a stock door. What are you leaving out in your story?


Lowes has almost double the complaints on here that Menards does. The manager was saying you damaged it on accident and were looking for a freebee. I'm sure he only said this out of anger when you called him and cursed him out because you did not understand the policy Menards has in place.