Sandwich, Illinois

I am APPALLED at the horrible new health insurance plan you have for your employees- some big executive must be patting themselves on their back for- blue cross blue shield ill ppo plan with a $6000 per year deductible- your average employee makes around $13.00 per hour- clearing around $20,00 per year -how in the H--- can you people live with yourselves-You make a good profit , treat your employees fairly give them -insurance with a decent deductible so they don't have to chose between feeding their family or paying for health care needs , because they need to see a doctor for an illness or injury- YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES ---ESPECIALLY YOU MR. MENARD- GIVE BACK TO YOUR EMPLOYEES THEY MAKE YOU THE PROFITS THAT GIVE YOU ALL YOUR GOOD LIFE

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The only way the richest person in the state of Wisconsin has any hope of making it to the richest person in the USA is to continue opening new stores that pay low wages and offer few benefits.


What??? This post has been up for over 12 hours,and "HEARTLEES" hasn't posted something "cute".