Hi i was at your Pewaukee location on 5/14/2021. I have a medical condition that makes me not be able to wear a mask.

Your staff was extremely rude. They didnt care one bit it was medical related. Told the gal if i put a mask on they would need to call 911 for me. I asked her if she was going to call.

She said no. I told her then i am not wearing one. And walked away. I felt like i was chased around the store as i looked for 1 item.

then when i went to go check out i got asked again about my mask at this point i was having a second asthma attack because of the chasing in the store. And your staff making my pstd act up. Then the manager on duty was not going to let me buy my one item because i wouldnt put a mask on. Seriously i felt so discriminated against because of a health condition.

Then the guy had enough guts to tell me i should order online. But if i order online i still have to come to the store so whats the point of saying that???? By the time i got out to my vehicle i was having a THIRD asthma attack. And to find later i am NOT THE ONLY ONE this has happened too.

I want something done not a scolding or a slap on the wrist Something actually done. Otherwise i am taking this to social media and to fox6.

User's recommendation: Don't shop here.

Location: Eagle, Wisconsin

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YOUR medical condition, YOUR problem. Stay home if you can't wear a mask especially in a store that requires it. You are beyond SELFISH...


Read the sign at the entrance. It says masks are required.

If for some reason you don't want to wear a mask while shopping stay out of stores that require them.

It seems that a person that claims to have a severe respiratory problem would want to do everything the could to avoid the virus. This would mean either wearing a mask in congested public places or staying away.

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