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i purchased a snow blower 2 days ago at meanards, and i took it home and put oil in it and gas but it was the wrong type of snow blower, i tried to take it back to meanards Madison wisconsin's Eastside location and they sent me to sun prairie someones home and i talked to a man who said he worked for meanards eastside location and that he could take the gas out and oil but i would get charged for it and meanards would not except it or return my money this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard and i feel its out of order and very unprofessional and i want my money back

Monetary Loss: $241.

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Don't tell me let me guess: it's the two stroke/cycle thing vs. the four stroke/cycle thing, right?


You have "buyer's remorse", is the store responsible for that?

You put in volitle fuel and now how can the store re-sell equipment like that?

The store is trying to work with you by putting you in contact with a person who can purge the fuel and oil and make the unit good for re-sale. What else do you want?


Sounds like to me you used it to remove snow and now want to return it. You should always make sure it is the right one before you fill it with oil and gas. I love Menards and shop there every time we need something.


Sorry but it sounds like your a *** and weren't sure if you bought a two stroke, or four stoke engine therefore put premixed gas into a four stroke engine which would be your fault, not Menards.


Now Now, I personally know the manager at your store, he will gladly make this transaction better. I have been in touch with him and he does understand the negative implications this brings to all of our stores in the great state of Wisconsin.

Please call and ask for the store manager, his name is *********** *********. I have spoken to him about our new and updated manual, he was not aware about the new policy in place.

If you don't get satisfaction please stop by my store and I'll see what I can do. By the way are you covered under the new Obamacare healthcare law?


I disagree with many of the comments below, I really don't care what your policy states. If I purchase a product for 385.00 then I expect it to work, I should not have to trek all over to have it repaired!!!!!!

What's fair is fair, if you sell me *** then you should refund my money!!! Placing a statement on a receipt does not account for terrible customer service....


I have found that Menard's is a great place to shop at. I think that it's funny that, because you made a *** mistake and now you don't want to have to follow protocol to get your refund, Menard's is now the worst place for me to shop at. LOL.


Somebody took a *** pill!


Read the directions! Do homework! Figure out what the incorrect directions really mean!

Your fault, a very costly, *** fault.


Joe, you do not understand Menards policy on gas powered equipment. Menards will take back all hand-held gas powered equipment that has gas put into it with in 30 days of the purchase, examples; chainsaws, blowers, string trimmers.

If it's pushed, for example; lawn mower, snow-blowers, generators they will not take it back if gas has been put in it. It must go to a repair shop and will be covered under warranty if it's a manufacture defect.

This policy is set by the CORPORATE OFFICE. There are no expectations to this policy.


Must depend on the Menards you go to. My Menards will accept returns of items that still have gas/oil in them.

I've bought returned chainsaws and blowers that were full of gas/oil, at a steep discount, and I fixed and resold them. They've never given me any trouble returning anything and the employees are always helpful and drop what they are doing to help me when I need it.

And no, I don't work for them, just love the place.


It's states all over the area near the snow blowers/throwers once gas is put into the machine it must go to a repair shop!. It also states this on the RECEIPT!

Menards is not the only one with this policy. Wal-Mart and Home Depot have similar policy's on gas powered equipment. There are several reasons for this. The most common one being that Menards employees are not qualified to figure out if it's a manufacture error or a consumer error, THUS IT HAS TO GO TO A REPAIR SHOP TO DETERMINE THAT.

If you did not cause the issue it will be covered under warranty. AS FAR AS PURCHASING THE WRONG SNOW BLOWER/THROWER you would think you would have noticed that before you put gas in it, regardless this is all your fault NOT MENARDS.


I have to agree that it is her/his fault. Unless this was a wrong but identical blower,with a wrong but almost identical model number.

ie..if the model is #M1001A and she was given a model #M1001B.

But it is her/his responsibilty to check this before receiving/take home. And all placesI know of have this policy with returns after fuel is put in it.


Wrong type of snowblower? What does that mean?

Also, everything you buy has to be in sellable condition when you return it. Would you buy a snowblower from Menards with oil and gas in it?

Of course not.