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Hi All,

As a DIY'r you all have experienced at one store or another some kind of issue, but the response, and recommendations from Menard's is pretty pathetic.

Granted most of the "professional" people at in the departments I have found are there for a reason, if not retired and doing this as a side job, some are there for no other reason that they can't make it in a real life situation.

Some, though few in numbers on the other hand have been extremely helpful and my thanks go to them.

I bought a door that did not say finished or unfinished, it said "fir woodgrain" and was a fiberglass door that cost over $900. This is the door my wife picked out and her happiness is relative to my own.

Picking up the door I found it to be unfinished fiberglass and complained to the store and online.

The online customer service at Menards is worthless and I got the most arrogant *** who did absolutely nothing.

Going back to the store they offered a $100 to me to take the door, which covered about half the stain costs and materials to do this properly.

I had put this on a Menards card and refused to pay for it (Capitol One)

I eventually paid for the door because it was the one my wife liked and she did not see something she liked as much at Home Depot or Lowes, so I eventually picked the door up and paid Capitol One who decent enough to *** the $25 late charge I incurred.

With all the complaints I made at Menards regarding the printer out of ink, the software not correct when you design a door on their software to the lack of care with their issues not mine, I am directing the majority of business to other stores.

The one guy there that was helpful and agreed that Menards had an issue with the software, in the store and online, and I was in the right and had printouts from another Menards store (who had ink).

He told me to put the stain on exactly how you would stain a wood door with the gel stain. I have never stained a fiberglass door, but the instructions are different for wood and fiberglass and thankfully I read them before following the person in millworks instructions.

That said:

Menards being the "CHEAPEST" store around is not without reason and its own negatives, if you need some birdseed, nails/screws wood, drywall or beef jerky at the checkout counter, go for it, but for any intelligent information, forget it.

Reason of review: product not as described.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: fix the software at the store and add the "fir woodgrain finish" door to the unfinished door group, like it should be!.

Menards Pros: Beef jerky.

Menards Cons: Response addressing the problem they have.

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My spouse works at a Menards and he is a very intelligent person who has a Masters. Please do not judge a company in whole on one incident. It makes you look like an unreasonable person.


Your complaint sounds like you designed your own door on a kiosk rather than having an employee design the door. One of the initial options offer fiberglass doors or prefinished fiberglass doors.

You chose the fiberglass door option which would be an unfinished door. Your order form would not have indicated it was finished and you shouldn't assume it was finished. If you are complaining that you couldn't read the order due to lack of ink in the printer it's your fault for not checking with an employee to get a clear print of the order you could read and understand.

The person to ask advice on painting or staining would be an employee in the paint department. They know the finishing products better than the people that sell the doors.