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Fall 2011, we purchased six interior 6-panel PRE-painted doors from Menard's. We paid $25 extra per door as I thought it would be worth my time not to have to paint the primed ones. After the first 3 were installed, we noticed how *** the paint job was. These are cheaply constructed doors - pressed sawdust & glue, probably - we knew that from the get-go, but the paint job was simply atrocious. There was brown showing through along the edges of the panels, giving the doors a dingy appearance. The edges of the doors were brown and didn't even look like they'd seen paint. I describe them as having been "misted" with paint. My husband says someone walked them through a room with paint VAPOR.

In June 2012, I wrote a letter to Menard's which the customer service person then forwarded to Midwest Manufacturing, telling them they needed to address this complaint. In late August, someone from MM responded asking for more information and photos. After they received the photos and descriptions, their response to us was that since we had purchased the doors out of existing stock, they could be inspected before leaving the store. If the doors were damaged, they should be exchanged. And "in good faith" they were offering us a $50 in-store credit.

My response to them was as follows:

"You stated that the doors were purchased out of [available] stock and therefore could be inspected before leaving the store. Perhaps the Mishawaka store is an anomaly, but the lighting is quite dim where the doors are located, the doors are stored in a recessed, multi-level arrangement, and the stock person chooses the doors while you pull around back to have them loaded, in our case, stacked into our minivan. They are also wrapped in cardboard that obscures portions of the door. It is difficult to inspect them before they are loaded.

At issue here is not damage, but quality control at your facility. Damaged doors would have been returned promptly to the store. These doors were poorly painted, made even more obvious when we purchased primed doors which I painted myself. Quality control is expected to take place at the manufacturing facility. Either these doors were not inspected carefully, or your company is selling doors that are badly painted. This not only reflects poorly on your company, but also on Menard’s who sells your products, and I believe, owns your company.

We paid $25 extra per door to have pre-painted doors versus primed doors in order to save the time involved in painting six doors. This totals $150 extra we paid for a painting job with no benefit, as now I have to repaint the doors. The offer of a $50 Menard’s in-store credit is a nice gesture, but it only covers the paint required to paint the doors that were supposed to be painted already. It doesn’t reimburse me for the hours required to do this painting. In view of this, I ask that you would consider increasing your offer to $100."

The response I received back was basically, "take or leave the 50 bucks." So we took the $50, which paid for the paint, but didn't make a dent in the labor involved in repainting (oops! sorry, PAINTING) six doors, which I did this week - at a labor rate of $2.22 an hour - still feeling angry and deciding to find a way to warn others NOT to EVER buy ANYTHING made by Midwest Manufacturing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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does menards in st ann mo have electric carts for the disabled to shop?


I purchased 2 exterior doors from Menards; (MasterCraft) Midwest Manufacturing products (a Menards company). Both leaked around the window damaging the oak veneer on the inside.

I was told by their "customer service" person to put the finish coat on it and this would take care of the problem. Really! Do not purchase, try any other retailer or brand, if it says MasterCraft/Midwest Manufacturing, Don't walk away, RUN!

Instead of "save big money" how about a tag line like "We make *** and don't stand behind it at Menards". It must be easy to sleep at night being a billionaire who made it on the backs of hard working people.


Just another pissed customer giving everyone a reason to NOT buy Mastercraft doors. I'm wondering how anyone could have possibly had a good experience with that company.

I am absolutely disgusted with them and will never buy another door from them. I'm leaving my review everywhere so that, hopefully, I can save someone some time and money.

My experience with Mastercraft was absolutely awful. My husband and I bought a new front door from them for the house we purchased in January. There were issue with the door itself so I contacted the company.

Here is my original email to them:

"My husband and I ordered the door on Saturday 1/9/16 and picked it up on Friday 1/15/16. Upon pick up, it was discovered that the door was missing the sidelight kickplate which was ordered, verified by the sales person and paid for. At pick up, my husband brought it to the attention of the sales associate and was told it would be sent Fed-Ex to us. This is unacceptable as the sales person we ordered with on 1/9 stated we were much better off to order the kickplate installed from the factory as it would be more resilient.

We still have not received a kickplate.

We ordered the door with a handle and deadbolt bore. The holes were made through the door to accommodate the handle and deadbolt but did not allow for the door to close properly as the interior closing edge was not bored to house the locking mechanism. Because of this, we had great difficulty in finding hardware that would allow the door to close, and ultimately had to use pieces from THREE different kits.

We are very disappointed with the construction of the door.

The trim on the door is haphazardly installed. There are a few places where is is not even flush with the window. On the upper pane of the sidelight, the trim is BENT in a concave manner. There is also glue/adhesive on the window framing.

Lastly, many of the holes drilled for the screws on the frame of the windows are drilled in a manner that does not allow the plugs to obscure the holes.

It appears that the bits used to drill the holes wore in the trim on an angle that was not intended. We wanted to buy local as much as we could and were excited about being able to tell guests that our door was made in Wisconsin. For spending over a thousand dollars on a door, we are extremely disappointed. We spared no expense on this purchase and were expecting better workmanship.

I am writing this desiring to hear what can be done." After over a dozen emails back and forth (I'll spare you the gritty details), them telling me Windex would remove caulking (um, ok) and me filling out a measurement questionnaire (when none of my complaints had anything to do with the measurements of the door), I ended up with two new windows. And, yes, they expect me to dismantle my $1200 door and install them myself. I don't even understand the logic in that. I STILL do not have a kickplate...

you know, the one we ordered and paid for...? I was told that the kickplate "wasn't part of the warranty" even after I described many times that it was already paid for and not a warranty issue at all. Mastercraft's customer service is bottom of the barrel. Don't expect anything out of them...

including common sense. They could have sent me new trim and plugs for around the windows and a kickplate (you know, the one we paid paid for?!) and I would have been happy. Instead, they sent me $800 in windows. Because that makes sense.

Worst company ever. If you order a door from them, you're doing so at your own peril.


your absolutely right, Menards and Midwest are in bee together and they manufacture and sell some of the cheapest doors I have ever installed. I will never buy another Midwest door ever, and believe me I let everyone know what trashy products Midwest makes.

Store managers at Menards couldn't care less about your problem after you take the door either. Doors might not cost what a good manufactured door cost but after you get burned and spend time dealing with these non service people at Menards you will get the message real quick.


what do you expect they have a turnover rate of about 65% a year they pay *** and you expect gold buy a good door at a real store with proporly paid employees and you might have a better time.


Midwest Manufacturing was created by Menards and is owned and operated by Menards. It is basically Menards. Menards employees can see Midwest Manufacturing job openings via the Menards employee website and apply for promotions directly to Midwest Manufacturing as if it was the same company.