Minneapolis, Minnesota

We spend over $1000 on new double doors from Menards. The doors were Master Craft brand, which I think are a Mendards brand.

The first set of doors came warped. It took us months to get it replaced and Menards refused to stand by the product they sold us. Made us deal directly with Master Craft. Finally got a replacement door.

It was warped, too, but not as bad as the first one. Tired of arguing, we hung it and hoped for the best.

Have had a very snowy winter so far and today my husband said, "Don't look at the front door, it will make you angry." Well, the dang door has warped so badly in that we have to push it hard and lock it to keep it closed. Do not buy these doors you are throwing your money away.

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Sounds like its a plumb issue. That seems more likely then 2 warped doors.


There are so many online complaints about these doors I would not doubt for a second that someone recieved two warped doors in a row.


Working in a house with other doors of similar quality I bought a pair of foam filled hardwood doors and astragal. The display showed an acrylic cut-away with perfect pink solid foam fill.

I had to cut the door bottoms and got a look inside to find what looked like someone halfheartedly sprayed Great Stuff in them and it made me wonder how much foam was really in the door. I suspect large hollow pockets. Blatant misrepresentation.

Junk. Avoid.


We also bought a Mastercraft fiberglass door. Quality is poor, and they don't even have the right screw hole covers.

Adhesive is still oozing from the sidelights on the outside and the internal grills are not straight.

We got the vinyl clad frame and the vinyl is peeling off. Pay the extra for quality - you won't regret it.


1 pane of glass? I HIGHLY doubt that.


we ordered a new kitchen door from the menards in massillon, ohio. the sample door showed two panes of glass with the etched design in the middle.

when we got the door and installed it, we discovered that those people at menards and master craft cheated us!! there was only ONE PANE OF GLASS IN THE DOOR!! we sure got robbed by those idiots in massillon, and we will NEVER go back to them again!

it's HOME DEPOT for us from now on!! :(


Not only is MasterCraft a Menards product but John Menard owns both companies . Mastercraft doors are built on Menards property.

Our payroll checks are signed by..John Menard

The Doors are ok for interior walls but I wouldn't trust one for an exterior door. many of the Store employees don't even know how many of the products they sale are made by none other than Menards.


get a level and a square you weekend warrior


My gesss is the frame was not installed square and plumb. Much mor likely than you getting 2 sets of warped doors.


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