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I lost a lung and every time I go into Menards I am receive harassment from the workers there. Today I tried to explain that I only had one lung and was told to leave the store.

As I walked out 2 employees followed me all the way to my truck. *** you Menards for discrimination against a veteran who lost his lung in Desert Storm.

I am contacting the veterans affairs office and then will contact my lawyer. Once again *** you Menards

User's recommendation: Go to Home Depot.

Menards Cons: Treated like shit, Shop anywhere but menards.

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Just because you spend decades supporting the Marlboro man and got lung cancer does not permit you to aimlessly walk around menards exhausting your virus filled breath.


Can't you see the sigs at the entry requiring masks? It applies to everyone.

If you don't want to wear a mask for the few minutes you would be in the store to protect others from your potentially spreading the virus just stay home and shop on-line. Mask requirements in stores may change soon as more people get vaccinated.

Have you been vaccinated? I am sure your lawyer will inform you that since you are shopping on private property and they offer other ways to make purchases there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.


Wear a mask or stay the F out... It's simple. Your medical issues are irrelevant

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