Wont be shopping with you, I dont want to be told I have to shop with a mask ..

I plan to joins everyone else and shop else where .

I will do my best to share this view and good luck to you

Daniel Harris

User's recommendation: Don’t forget we live in America, not a socialist community.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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If everyone else is shopping somewhere else why are there so many cars in their parking lots and their employees are saying the traffic in the store has been like Black Friday since the pandemic started?


No one is forcing you to wear a mask. You have the choice of shopping at Menards where they are doing what they can to help prevent the spread of the virus and require a mask or at stores that don't.

Much like you have the choice of shopping at Sams Club or Costco where you have to buy a membership to shop or shopping at Walmart or Target where you don't. No one is infringing on you "right" to spew germs.


I agree with other people commenting on being forced to wear a mask. This is not a communist country and I don’t like being told to wear a mask.

Some people have health issues which prevent them from doing so and I feel you are violating your customers constitutional rights. I spend a lot at your store. I am a veteran. Lowe’s offer great veteran discounts and appreciate my business.

Sadly, I won’t be returning to your store. Lowe’s has won me over!

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