I have a medical reason that prevents me from wearing a mask, due to my army combat tour in Iraq. Today I was told to leave your store in Farmington Missouri. You should reconsider your mask policy before you loose a lot of customers permanently.

Location: 1280 Maple Street, Farmington, MO 63640

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If Joe Biden is declared to be our President, he has stated that he will Require a national mask mandate for Everyone. What will you do if that happens?


Joe Biden is not the president the election was illegally stolen. He can shove masks up his old ***


Stop and read your statement. Reconsidering their policy of requiring all customers entering their store could really cause them to permanently loose customers.

Anyone not wearing a mask for whatever reason they choose can spread the virus to their customers and employees potentially KILLING them.

If you don't want to wear a mask stay home and shop on-line. Stores would much rather loose a customer that doesn't want to be socially responsible than loose a customer that died from a virus they were exposed to in their store.


One premise of being American has always been [choice]. You're obviously a liberal since you think your choice is the only right one and should be shoved down everyone else's throats.

Screw you ! I choose NOT to wear a face diaper, just like I've never done during flu or cold season. Personal choice..

If you want to wear one, knock yourself out. Keep your sanctimonious *** attitude to yourself !

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