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i went into your store i have breathing problems so i dont wear a mask yet one of your employees in the angola indiana store told me i cant be in the store without a mask. And cant buy anything.

Tell me the difference between me seeing 4 employees with mask eithet below their nose or even 1 with it below the hole mouth. Way to chase my bussiness away. I left without buying anything and will not be back unless this is resolved. I was in there to buy stuff to roof my house, so add up all the materials i was about to buy and count that as a loss of sale to the employee.

She embarrassed me in front of several customers and i am not ok with that. Home depot is not far from here i will go to that store later this week to spend my money. Sure did cost your company a big sale today, im glad your employees are health officals and police the customers.

Look around many americans are not wearing masks, if your that scared stay home. I never been so embarrassed in my life

User's recommendation: stay away.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Selection of stuff.

Menards Cons: Emoyees rudeness.

Location: 3200 North State Road 127, Angola, IN 46703

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I have severe breathing problems with copd and have no problem wearing a mask. Stay home if you dont want to wear a mask.


You think that's embarrassing??? See how it feels being stopped at the store exit falsely accused of shoplifting by the menards rent a cops.

That happened to me 2 weeks ago with them getting loud and aggressive until I showed them all of my pockets were empty. No apology or remorse from them nor the store manager I spoke to, just nonsense excuses.


Home Depot requires masks as well. Your "breathing problems" won't stop you from catching the virus and spreading it to others.

If you don't want to wear a mask that is fine. Just stay out of stores that require them to help protect their customers and employees from catching the virus.

If you have a serious respiratory problem you are one of the people that would be most severely impacted if they caught the virus. If you don't want to wear a mask while shopping stay home and be safe shopping on-line.


Then complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this. Their contact information is either found on This website or online.


Headquarters sets the rules. Wear a mask or stay out.

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