The illegal mask mandate has been lifted in our state. We were harassed and followed around your Bloomington Indiana store and then accosted by your in house mask police (Richard the manager and another young stupid boy) Then we were threatened to mask up or they would call the police.

I told them to go ahead and call the cops! We spend thousands of dollars at your store. Sadly we will never return to be treated like criminals in your store. We went across the street to Lowes and ask about mask "we are not supposed to harass our customers about mask" So Lowes will be our new shopping spot for our small home improvement business.

We will boycott your store and advise everyone we know to do the same. There is ZERO data that proves the mask work. Even the CDC has said mask are negligible at stopping the spread.

STOP acting like Nazi Brown Shirts or your business will suffer. That, I hope it does for your stupidity.

User's recommendation: Do NOT shop at MENARDS.

Location: Mount Prospect, Illinois

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Why can't you understand that they don't want people without masks in their stores? Just stay away from stores that require masks.


You really need to grow up and act your age before calling a grown man a boy. The only one acting like a child is YOU. You have a lot of nerve calling a GROWN MAN stupid when you are the one acting like a fool.


If they ask you to wear a mask... Wear it.

It's that simple. Don't like it go elsewhere, problem solved.

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