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I was in Watertown South Dakota at Menards looking at doors with my wife. She can wear a mask and did so.

I walked through without one, because of health conditions I have I cannot wear a mask. I was told I need to wear one or I need to leave the store. I explained why I cannot wear one, and was told to shop online or at a different store. If I would have honored this man's request.

I would have collapsed from a lack of oxygen after a few minutes of not being able to breath and possibly would have died. I did put a neck shield on and left it under my nose so I could breath. My wife and I like Menards quality and price when it comes to doors and many other items. However, I cannot wear a mask due to my health issues.

Is it Menards corporate policy for me to shop somewhere else if I cannot order what I need online. Thank you for your time.

User's recommendation: I've received no response from Menards in 1 week.

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Masks are required by stores to help prevent the spread of the virus. Your medical condition doesn't prevent you from spreading the virus if you have it but a mask does.

If you don't want to wear a mask for the few minutes you would be in a store stay home.

Menards doesn't want people in their store potentially passing the virus to one of their customers or employees. They would much rather loose a customer that doesn't care to be socially responsible than loose a customer or an employee to the virus.


I was in a military classroom for training 6 weeks ago. I was the only one in the classroom not wearing a mask(I can't due to a accident Syria).

I did of course have to follow the social distancing guidlines. The 19 other people in the classroom all had their masks at all times. There was a covid-19 outbreak in the classroom with everyone following the guidlines created by the military and CDC, and given by the media to the American people. Of the 20 officers in the classroom 14 got the virus.

The carrier was the narrowed down to the instructor. The general population believes what they choose to believe by the limited and sometimes false information given to them through the American media channels. Sadly, people think masks and social distancing is the blue print to make the virus go away. They don't necessarily hurt, except for the rare exception like me.

The precautions set in place don't work, but it does give people a false sense of security letting them feel more comfortable going about the life protocols. If people wore clean masks all the time. The masking up would probably work much better than people wearing contaminated masks.

Old Johnny boy(John Menard), is great at making money and running his business, doing a mask mandate will give everyone a false sense of security and keep the money flowing in from the business. It's not about safety, it's about money without possible legal incidents due to the virus.


Mandates are not LAW


If you have such a bad medical condition that you can’t wear a mask you shouldn’t be out shopping anyway! Nobody likes to wear a mask while out in public but it’s just common sense to do so while Covid-19 is rampant.


Thank you for your opinion

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